Islamic Movement Makes A Case At US Commission On International Religious Freedom

Yesterday, Monday 17th December 2018, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria made its case for religious freedom during a panel discussion between religious and civil society leaders on opportunities and challenges for Religious Freedom in Nigeria hosted by the United States Commission on International Freedom (USCIRF) in Washington D.C. A report on the 3 years of brutal persecution of the members of the Islamic Movement by the Nigerian government, prepared by the Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee, was presented at the discussion panel. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom is an independent,…

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76 Apathetic Boos For President Buhari

He celebrates 76 years, we are mourning 3 years of brutal suppression and contemptuous detention. @MBuhari celebrates 76 years, but unjustifiably & brutally terminated the lives of over a 1000 innocent citizens. The pains & anguish @MBuhari has put us through… We boo Buhari because: 1. He has shown us that the rule of law is a myth. 2. He has redefined corruption and gave it a new perspective and narrative 3. He has repeatedly shown us that equality before the law is non existent 4. He promised Public declaration…

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