I feel deeply honored to represent my Islamic brothers – A Christian Friend Of Islamic Movement In USA


This past Monday, 17th December 2018, I was in Washington DC – again. I was invited by the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. I was given the interesting responsibility of speaking on behalf of Shiites and Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. They could not get their Visa in time for the Consultation so I was pressed into Service in their place.

I made a case and stood as an Advocate for our Islamic Brothers who are being massacred and denied simple basic Justice. I made a case for the leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria El Zakzaky and the followers. I stood in their stead and some who were present said I STOOD WELL ON THEIR BEHALF. I wore their TOGA and I feel deeply honored to represent my Islamic brothers. In due course I will be sharing the presentation I delivered as sent to me by the Free Zakzaky Campaign Team of the Islamic Movement.

Speaking on behalf of Christian is the Inimitable Archbishop Benjamin Argak Kwashi of Jos. Passionate, Brilliant, Erudite, Practical, Godly, Jovial, Deep and Contemporaneous Academic, Historical and Socio Contextual… A Truly Great Nigerian. He made a Case for Christians and Humanity in General.

Major General Ayoola the former Sector Commander for Jos in the fight against Boko Haram made a case for how these confusion started and how fight can be won. He showed how the Nigerian Army can only go as far as the political overlord allows them to. Brilliant presentation that made my heart bleed for Nigeria and our brothers in Uniform.

There were Questions and answers and all Islamic Questions were thrown at me. I tried my best to answer the way and manner that I believe is true for our Islamic Brothers. It was very refreshing to see a Christian Pentecostal Pastor Passionately playing the Quarter Back for Nigerian Muslim in Washington DC. It was another Narrative – and a refreshing one.

Please Pray that Nigeria will be Truly Free. Please Pray that Nigeria will Truly know Peace. Please Pray for International Committee on Nigeria led by Stephen Enada for the Great work they are doing.

ThE Nigerian Team later met with the World Press on Tuesday and with VP Pence on Wednesday. A petition written to the US government by the Islamic Movement was also delivered. Copy of which will also be made available in due course.

Here are a few Pictures from the Event.

Dr. Oluwasayo Ajiboye
RCCGNA Seminary

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