Christmas Message To Christians From The Islamic Movement In Nigeria

This is the full text of the Christmas Goodwill Message Delivered by Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on 25 December, 2018 read at different Churches across Nigeria. The leaders and worshipers of this and all other Churches, I greet you in the ways and manners that Prophets (AS) greet; Shalom. Salam, Peace unto you. Today 25th December, 2018 we are here, as we usually do over the years in various places, to felicitate with you on the auspicious occasion of the birth of Jesus (AS), whom we also…

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Christmas: Rapturous Applause As Islamic Movement Members Sing Jesus Songs In Kaduna Church

There was a rapturous applause at the ECWA GOODNEWS (PASTURE GARDEN), Karji, Kaduna as members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria joined Christian faithful to felicitate with Christian friends and neighbours, and in the process sang songs eulogizing Jesus. The congregation was sent to ecstasy as they heard the Muslims talk of the return of Jesus. Earlier, the team lead of the Muslim visitors to the church, Shuaibu Musa, had explained the reasons for their presence on Christmas day. “We are here to merry with you on the birth of…

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