1. Introduction
Islam as a religion has rules and regulations that are diverse, consistent, guiding, everlasting and miraculous. In addition, it has refined universal values that make it one-faith-fit-all faith due to its all-time and all-situation relevance and pervasiveness. Islam suits all strata of societal classes, races, nations and has the most effective guiding procedure for every human endeavor.
Ayatollah Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini (Q/S), the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran was a revered cleric who during his life explored these excellent and universal qualities of Islam to perfect a course that influenced and instilled excellent moral standards in his immediate societies, towns, countries, region and the entire world. His revolutionary thought did not only revive the religion but also brought ends to the 2,500 years old anarchical monarchy in his country and weakened others elsewhere in the world. By doing that the lost hope of the Muslim ummah and that of the conscience and freedom seekers among non-Muslims were regained.
Such uncompromising guides of Islam would hardly be condoned by any relentless imperial or colonial power who seeks to unlawfully dominate others without limits. The capitalist, socialist and communist ideologies have failed to provide similar governance, leadership or society that is just and acceptable. The policies and interests of these ideologies are not legally justifiable, yet they are pursued with all eagerness and might without considerations to good morals and human right. In this manner, the enemies find themselves at odds with Islam. It was centuries ago since when they unilateral declared war against Islam, basically for its stance against their illegitimate interests. For instance, they found it unbearable to be defeated by Islam whenever there is an encounter. Islam insists on morality in any aspect of life while they believe in being selective in its applications. The west believes in the right of the superior to rule the weak and that they are the superior while Islam places all on the same footing and says ‘the superior among you is he who fears Allah most’. It is a normal life to maliciously have control over everything but Islam puts all things in their right places and awards everyone what is due to him, is all pervasive and justice. Similarly in Islamic manner, Imam proclaimed inseparability of politics from religion and inspired the philosophy of resistance and reform worldwide against their institutionalised common view points.
These continuous wedging contentions makes the custodians of the non-Islam ideologies crazy and volatile so resolve to hostility in order to survive. Infiltration and manipulation of the Muslim ummah or its important personalities have been some of the major means of undermining this undefeatable enemy. Infiltrations and manipulations yielded somehow ‘good’ results and has remained the most preferred technique, though a British MP once said, it is better to dive to avoid shields from the Quran which always neutralizes their plots. This topic of discussion; Enemy Infiltration and Personage Manipulation with the youth at the center of attention is inspired by manifestations resulting from the untiring efforts the enemies put to destroy Islam. According to the president of al-Mustafa International University, Ayatollah Ali-Reza Arafi, the enemies of Islam seek to eliminate the youths’ Islamic identity by imposing cultural, moral and intellectual challenges. The youth is really a vital organ of the ummah, not because it is the only target but because it is recognized to be the spinal column and life line of every ummah
2. Definitions
The word enemy here refers to unfriendly opponents who express hostility and not necessarily force that fight against Islam in direct combats. These enemies infiltrate by entering into Muslim territories to spy or gather information in order to influence events. The concern for this discussion is their attitudes of manipulations when they get access, so as to control or influence importance persons, organization, the Ummah or sub-ummahs in devious ways without necessarily going into the details of the havoc they cause thereafter.
3. Past Evidences of Infiltrations and Manipulations in the Muslim Ummah
Thousands of evidences of enemy manipulations have manifested over the period of existence of this best of all ummah (‘khayrul ummati’) leaving behind different degrees of injuries. The evidences are dissimilar from place to place, perhaps due to the dissimilarities between the enemies and the ummahs manipulated. Below are some few instances.
a. Destruction and expulsion of Muslim ummah from Spain – 1492 , using alcohol and fornications
b. creation of Wahabism-1792 by the British spies, Mr. Humpher and others
c. creation of Bahaism movement in Iran -1844
d. creation of Ahmadism movement in India- 1889
e. Destruction of Sheikh Usman DanFodio’s Islamic regime – 1903 by the Britain
f. Destruction of the Othman empire – 1923- e.g. Arab protest inspired by British Lawrence of Arabia and others
g. Creation of the Wahabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 1934 by the Britain
h. Creation of Israel on Palestinian land – 1947 by Britain backed by Saudi Arabia
4. Some Infiltrations and Manipulations during the Time of Ayatollah Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini
Ayatollah Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini (Q/S), popularly known as Imam Khomeini (Q/S) lived an exemplary life that cannot be separated from the ummah he reformed. He refined its criteria and presents it in its perfect Islamic values, and made it a model for Muslims and non-Muslims who appreciated it and was also an issue of envy to the enemies. Imam witnessed different categories of infiltrations and manipulations at various stages of his da’awah, targeting him, colleagues and the ummah with the sole aim of terminating the movement he championed. The situations were intense in some cases but within such difficult conditions Imam defeated and successfully landed at his intended destination of founding a purified Islamic ummah for the entire world built on solid ideology that the enemies had never envisage. Some instances of infiltration and manipulations during his era were;
a. Opposition from prominent Ayatullahs, and others
b. Imposed 8 years Iran/Iraq war
c. Abuse of embassy protocols (as ‘den of espionage’) to spy and organize diplomatically unlawful activities in Iran
d. Enticing gifts to Imam himself and others
e. Attacks on active members of the movement, e.g. Hafte Tir – 1981
f. Instigated Youth rebellion against the Khomeini’s call
g. Incited Women protest against hijab
h. Sanctions and isolation attempts
i. Issues related to the US’s failed attempt to rescue embassy staff– 1982
j. Assassination of scientists and prominent figures
k. Instigation of Election crises
5. Reasons for Infiltration and Manipulation of Muslim Ummah, Personages (Youths)
All western and eastern non-Islamic ideologies, especially the one from the west, have the tendency to dominate and imposed their corrupt and immoral ideas, rules and regulations on nations and individuals whenever possible but Islam is a stumbling block on their way. It cannot be dominated and does not allow domination of any kind. Therefore, the less risk option is secretly infiltrated and manipulated Muslim personages undetected to control or destroyed from within. This, if succeed, will enable them live in luxury and welfare from the resources of the ummah depriving its citizens of any benefits. Some youth personages are used directly while some are molded and bred for a long time in anticipation of future opportunities. Other precise reasons may be as follows.
a. The fear of the might of Islam.
b. Eliminate of Islam to freely have access to illegitimate interests
c. Divide the ummah into sub-ummahs, sub-sub-ummahs and sub-sub-sub-ummahs to ease rule and control
d. Render the Ummah worthless and hopeless
e. Adulterate its belief and to create skepticism
f. Create discord, ignorance, poverty, war, diseases e.t.c.
g. Discover weak points to be explored
h. Weaken egos to adherence to Islamic rules
i. Disprove evidences to shake belief
j. Introduce fault feelings of independence and freedom
k. Diagnose controversies and aggravate differences
l. Introduce vices, corruption, deviousness, mischief
m. Obtain information that will aid design of further malicious and harmful strategies to the Ummah
n. To make the Muslim ummah depended
6. Means by which the Infiltrator and Manipulator Reach the Youths
The selection of tools to use largely depends on the psyche of the ummah and the objective of infiltration and manipulation. Most Muslims in the past have been so forgetful and could not coordinated past and present happenings to derive lessons which made them vulnerable to both new and old sophisticated or unsophisticated tools and techniques. An Israeli retired general once said, given the chance he would use the same old tactics to destabilize Muslims because he is sure they will not apprehend. Some common means available are as follow.
a) Spy agents -friend ,colleague (local and foreign)
b) Cooperate and institutional entities -e.g. media houses, business, trade
c) Archetype personages
d) Print and electronic media
e) Social media e.g. Facebook, twitter ,Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger
f) Cyber-scan, insinuations
g) Remote sensing, surveillance and Reconnaissance
h) Hard drugs
i) Peer pressure
j) Apathy to make you lose focus and motivation
k) Electromagnetic spectrum
l) Food and, water and air addiction
m) Spy drones, aircraft
n) Spy station
o) Advertisement/propaganda
p) Electronic appliances
q) Direct invasions
7. Benefits of Infiltrator and Manipulator of the Muslim Ummah (Youth)
Since the purpose of being in the Muslim territories is to spy, gather Information and identify soft targets to manipulate so as to control, the benefits of doing so are not the same all the time and in all situations. It is a known fact that the mystery of the Western civilization has been to control and rob the resources rich Muslim ummah. Some specific benefits on youth are;
a. Create and install archetype personages
b. Develop and install puppet youths and proxies
c. Colonies your freedom/self-determination, enslave
d. Dominate his resource
e. Gain more strength to rule the weakened ones
f. Annihilate the superior Muslim youth (Ummah) so as not to have strong rivals
g. Live in welfare and luxury with resources from Muslim youths and countries
h. Colonise, interfere and dictate their will
i. Get a subjects

8. Attitudes of the Infiltrator and Manipulator
The infiltrator or the manipulator is a ruthlessness being who has no qualms about causing harm to you because he views you as an objects and not a fellow human being. Therefore he uses harmful means such as exploitation, abuse, deviousness, and deception to get rid of you. Additionally, according to psychologists, the following characteristics are associated to him.
a. Lying: he lies to you even if the truth may latter be apparent when it is too late.
b. Lying by omission: he lies to you by withholding a significant amount of the truth- propaganda.
c. Denial: he denies having done something wrong when you discovered he did wrong.
d. Rationalization: he makes excuses for inappropriate behavior.
e. Minimization: he combines denial and rationalization. e.g., says that an insult made was only a joke.
f. Selective inattention or selective attention: e.g. he says “I don’t want to hear it”.
g. Diversion: does not give a straight answer to a straight question and instead he is diversionary.
h. Evasion: he gives irrelevant, rambling, vague responses, weasel words.
i. Covert intimidation: he throws you onto the defensive by using veiled threats.
j. Punishment: he suggests to your conscience that you do not care enough, or too selfish to keep you in a self-doubting, anxious and submissive position by nagging, yelling, silent treatment, false swearing, emotional blackmail, guilt trip, sulking, and crying.
k. Shaming: he uses sarcasm and put-downs to increase fear and self-doubt in you.
l. Playing the victim role: the enemy portrays himself as a victim of circumstance or of someone else’s behavior in order to gain pity, sympathy or evoke compassion and thereby getting something from another.
m. Vilifying you: he masks his aggressive intent while at the same time falsely accusing you of being an abuser in response when you stands up for or defends your position.
n. Playing the servant role: he may say he is acting in a certain way in “obedient” to or in “service” to UN or “just doing his job”.
o. Seduction: he uses charm, praise, flattery or superficial sympathy (crocodile tears), facial expressions such as a forced laugh or smile, overtly supporting others in order to lower your defenses and give him trust and loyalty. He may also offer help or aid with the intent to gain trust and access to you.
p. Projecting the blame (blaming others): projecting his own psychotic thinking onto you, making you look like he has done something wrong or claiming that you are the one who is at fault for believing lies that they were conned into believing, as if you forced him to be deceitful.
q. Feigning innocence: he tries to suggest that the harm he caused was unintentional or that he did not do what he was accused of.
r. Feigning confusion: he tries to play dumb by pretending he does not know what you are talking about or is confused about an important issue brought to his attention.
s. Brandishing anger: he uses anger to brandish sufficient emotional intensity and rage to shock you into submission.
t. Traumatic one-trial learning: he uses verbal abuse, explosive anger, or other intimidating behavior to establish dominance or superiority to condition or train you
9. Indications that one is Being Infiltrated and Manipulated
This is a situation in which the infiltrated and manipulated cannot judge about himself because he lacks good standards and sound criteria for judgments. However, his condition will clearly be understood by a third party and some few indicators are;
a. Becomes dependable
b. Loses self-determinations
c. Being subservient to unjust leaderships (Daghut)
d. Being irrational and illogical
e. Be at disparity with sound judgments and Islamic injunctions
f. Acts and guided by unsatisfactory Un-Islamic dictates
g. Be contended with delusions, fake freedom and fake independence
h. Unable to develop and utilize his potentials
i. Oppresses and supports oppression
10. Characteristics of Youths Vulnerable to Infiltration and Manipulation
Youth that are vulnerable to infiltration and manipulation usually exhibit identical weaknesses irrespective of background, race and social status. Susceptible youths are generally;
a. Neglect to practicing Islam
b. Too dependent – dependent youths are gullible and liable to say yes to what they should say no.
c. Too immature – has impaired judgment and believes exaggerated advertising claims.
d. Too naïve – can’t believe the existence of dishonest people in the world, therefore takes for granted that if they exist would not be allowed to operate.
e. Too impressionable – overly seduced by charmers might and admires charming personality who kisses babies.
f. Too trusting – the honest youth often assumes that everyone else is honest and more likely to commit himself to person he hardly know without checking his credentials or question the so-called experts.
g. Too lonely – lonely youth accept any offer of human contact. And so a manipulator stranger may offer him human companionship for a price.
h. Addictive to earning approval and acceptance of others
i. Low self-confidence – self-doubting youth who lacks confidence and assertiveness is likely to go on the defensive too easily.
j. Too materialistic – is an easy prey for loan sharks or get-rich-quick schemes and having high ambitions in life
k. Having unnecessary wish for wealth, leadership and enjoyment
l. Emotional dependency –having a submissive or dependent personality. The more emotionally dependent a youth is, the more vulnerable he is to being exploited and manipulated.
m. Too narcissistic – narcissists are prone to falling for unmerited flattery
n. High tendency of corruption –the tendency to nurture dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain.
o. Too impulsive – making snap decisions without consulting others.
p. Too altruistic – the opposite of psychopathic: too honest, too fair, and too empathetic.
q. Too frugal – cannot say no to a bargain even if the reason is so cheap.
r. Too greedy – the greedy and the dishonest may easily fall prey to a manipulator who can entice him to act in an immoral way.
s. Too masochistic – youth who lacks self-respect would unconsciously let a manipulator take advantage of him.
t. Having inclinations to Independent view of the Qur’an and the Sunnah
11. Example of Consequences of Infiltrations and Manipulations in the Muslim Ummah
Some ummahs and individuals that adhere to American version of Islam, despite their appealing appearance and labels remain compliant to despotism and Zionism, yielding and serving the supremacy of the despotic and arrogant powers as puppets. In most instances, the masters remain behind the scene and are never seen. A large number of them are sometimes fabricated to get the same work done. Groups such as GSPC (Groupe Salafiste pour la Prédication et le Combat), Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and Boko Haram are fabricated insurgency and are neither real organizations or ideologies or groups, but are the manifestations of the enemies themselves operating directly in the ummah. The civilian Joint Task Force popularly referred to as Civilian JTF was created for all same purpose and intent with Taliban but was deviated by peculiar circumstances. Examples of manipulated groups are;
a. Wahabism
b. Kala-katoism
c. Tafkirism:-Al Nusra front, Free Syrian Army, Sepah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Deobandi, ISIL-ISIS, Al-qaeda
d. Yusufism
e. Hijrism
f. Talibanism: Taliban
g. Salafism, Abu Sayyaf
h. Ahmadism
i. Archetype personages- Mohammad Marwa (Maitatsine Leader); the pastor who assumed the status of a sheikh, misled and committed all sort of atrocities in a community of 100% Muslims
j. M.K.O., PJAK, Jundullah,
12. Effects of Infiltration and Manipulation on Islam
The effects of these phenomena can manifest on different facets and strata of the ummah which can categorically be attribute to Islam as a religion, depending on one’s perfective. If one views Islamic religion as divine guide, one will realize that man’s activities cannot influence it in anyway. Islam has remained complete and pure today as it was revealed 1436 years ago no-reduction no-addition amidst extremisms and conspiracies but the ummah on the other hand has witnessed ups and downs from time to time. With this in mind, one can deduce the following effects.
a. No effect at all
b. Cannot be adulterated
c. Cannot make it change course or distorted
d. Cannot be deterred or weaken
e. Cannot be wedged from spreading and advancing
f. Almighty Allah has promised to protect it from all evils all the time
13. Effects of Infiltration and Manipulation on the Ummah
The effects here are evident and their intensities vary from one sub-ummah to another. It is also confirmed that the more united the ummah or sub-ummah is the less is the effect. The most viable ummah binding policy now is the Wilayatul Faqih – guardianship of the jurisprudent perfected by Imam Khomeini (Q/S). This system unifies and empowers through a single jurist guardianship. It has successfully been uniting Iranian and recently Iraqis against infiltrations and it will do the same in Nigeria and anywhere else. An ummah without viable binding for is likely to;
a. Fall subservient to the enemies
b. Losses righteous leadership
c. Have distorted view of Islam
d. Have mounted crimes, wars, organized murders and corruptions
e. Lacks development, progress
f. Losses holiness and pity
g. Have high illiteracy, poverty
h. Imposes and defends un-Islamic rules and regulations
i. Losses dignity and trust
j. Losses self determination
k. Develops hostilities and disunity with others for no good reasons
l. Backwardness and indebtedness
m. Favous false ideologies and principles
n. Stands misguided and misguiding
o. Lacks ability to develop and utilize the potentials of its citizens
p. Shares common interest with enemies of Islam
q. Oppresses
14. Effects of Infiltration and Manipulation on the Youth
When a youth is infiltrated and manipulated the impacts that will be depended on his condition. Some may display more or less of the followings.
a. Lacks spiritual advancement and pity
b. Entangled and indebted to the enemies
c. Develops devious attitudes
d. Losses faith and imbibe false belief
e. Have distorted view of Islam
f. Loses sense of direction and hope in life
g. Becomes a robotic tool of destruction in the hand of the enemies
h. Develops induce psychological and physical disorders
i. Feel arrogance
j. develops hostility with his Muslim/brothers
k. Assists enemies in realizing their devious goals
15. How can Infiltrated and Manipulated Youth Free Himself.
The system of the guardianship of the jurisprudent brings the human and nonhuman elements of the ummah closely tied together in love, respect, care, dignity, tolerance and sympathy under a guardianship. A youth under bondage of this nature can always get helping hands around him. The fact that he normalizes his relationship with a unified Muslim ummah he is guaranteed warden ship by reference scholars (Mara’ja’i) who will give him total freedom and protection. Hence, a captive youth should firmly;
a. Stick to a reference scholar, if you are not a mujtahid
b. Resist views of independent understanding of the Qur’an and the Sunnah
c. Never compromise
d. Avoid extremism
e. Enforce good deeds and discourage bad ones
f. Never emphasize trivial and trivialize significant issues
g. Never be depended on illusions and sophistries
h. Not accept unnecessary favours
i. Be literate
j. Free self from poverty by all means
k. Be principled and steadfast
l. Avoid greed
m. Learn to resist manipulations
n. Seal and amend all negative effects of manipulation already created
o. Learn to understand and interpret infiltration and manipulation attempts
p. Seek and feed only by halal
16. How Imam Tackled Infiltrations and Manipulations
Imam is a rightly guided cleric that toed the path of the infallible Ahlul bait (AS) where the chain of leadership is still unbroken. With this guide, complicated problems are solved completely with ease in no time. Some of his approaches were unbelievable, looked unconceivable and un-practicable but were very effective. He was a target of the enemies of Islam and so had to deal with so many infiltration and manipulation issues directed to him, colleagues or the ummah. Some few, although not in detail but for your notice;
a. Neutralized infiltrated western and Eastern Ideas, movies, Anti-Islamic behavours, puppet organisations and parties
b. Neutralized institutionalized corruptions
c. Reformed moral and political education
d. Managed infiltrated and manipulated Ulamahs, neighboring countries etc
e. Islamise infiltrated Institutions, curricular and other aspects of social life
f. Neutralized counter Islamic political parties, such as Mojahedin, Fadaiyan and Tudeh parties
g. Freed and reformed the Iranian western controlled government and economy etc
h. Rejected enticing gifts and favours that might lead to infiltrations
i. Remedied all forms of infiltrated and manipulated political, moral, social, traditional, matters and suggested safeguards against further infiltrations
j. Applied Islamic injunctions to curb immoral behaviour and acts
k. His guiding ideas reached targeted audiences through followers, electronic and print media and so on
l. Broke and free the manipulated
m. Enlightened and guarded ally nations against infiltrations and manipulations
17. Summary
There has not been a period like this in the past whereby the allied global enemies are at such high peak in concentrating their efforts, resources and annihilation mechanism against Islam. Infiltrations and manipulations of all kinds have been at work in almost all the echelons of the ummah. The impacts of these are what have been witnessed in forms of inhumane treatment of individuals and sub ummahs, illicit spill of bloods, destructions, abductions, poverty, subservience, humiliations, corruption, and displacement in the ummah that is supposed to be the best of all ummahs. The youths are the most targeted, most affected and the major victims.
These calamities are enormous but a little heed to early divine warnings from the guided points of references could have saved the ummah. If early warned, couldn’t have been vulnerable in the first place not to talk of being subjected to these series of messes, underdevelopment, down trodden among pairs and so on. It is a privilege for every ummah to develop its potentials for the benefits of its citizens and Imam showed how to that. These achievements were not gotten on a platter of gold. Imam faced much more strenuous challenges but adopted the same techniques to resolve and emerge victorious. His success was then crowned with this free, bold but peaceful, self-determined and ideologically ideal nation. His nation and people became models to all nations and individuals, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Wherever the light of this nation beams, activities of manipulations disappear and the ugly faces of the manipulators disgracefully appear from the blurs, putting each of them to perpetual hibernation.
18. Conclusion
With respect to infiltration and manipulations in our local ummah today, it is enough a notice to the youths to note that both of these are available around them: in their immediate societies, workplaces, social centres, schools, markets, homes, towns and villages. Nigeria today, is a focal point of vicious infiltrations and manipulations in which the youths are targets. They are the victims conscripted as thugs, insurgents, counterinsurgents, gangsters, mercenaries, drug addicts, cultists, robbers, and agents of other social vices where their precious time, potentials and lives are placed at stake. These all occur as a result of lack of guides that will shield and protect them from the predators. The presence of a guided guide like Imam Khomeini had provided impervious shields to the youths in the past. Imam an all-round guide that the world had never witnessed in the near past and as such left behind him a model reformed ummah full of guides for his country and the entire universe. His philosophy of resistance and reform has remained in the minds of people and has been a source of inspirations for awakening, freeing and unifying nations.
Nigerian youths need note that the future of this problem laden country, is in their hands and all eyes are on them. Whether they are capable or not, they are not only expected to correct whatever went wrong but also move the ummah forwards if they are to live up to expectations. So, their eyes should be shone very well for the enemies tirelessly working in their midst 24/7 hours. Luckily however, besides them are necessary leaders they need and with them lays solutions to their predicaments. The experiences from the life of Imam Khomeini are excellent references and his legacies are also within everybody’s reach. These can combat every mishap and set the youths free and even further prepare them for complex challenges. One of his disciples, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqub Zakzaky who flaunts the flag of guidance, unity and awareness to all is ever willing to render similar leadership. He and other contemporary ulamahs do realize their divine roles and are determined to render free services to defeat these evil forces. Success of completely freeing your mind from bondage may look delusion but precedence was set and so it is possible with this generation as well.
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How Colonialism Benefits from Boko Haram’s Mass Kidnapping of Girls. Published On: Mon, May 12th, 2014 By Christof Lehmann . source: http://nsnbc.me/2014/05/12/how-colonialism-benefits-from-boko-harams-mass-kidnapping-of-girls/. Accessed on 16/9/14
NATO Libyan “liberation” unleashes terror “tidal wave” over North Africa. Newsrescue.com. Published On: Fri, Apr 6th, 2012, by Tony Cartalucci. Source: http://newsrescue.com/the-nato-liberated-libya-terror-tidal-wave-over-north-africa/#ixzz2jOyjBL1e. accessed on 1/11/14
Iran Supreme Leader (Sayyid Ali Khamenei) Hajj Message 2013: Unity, Brotherhood of Muslims Under Flag of Monotheism. Source: http://www.abna.ir/data.asp?lang=3&Id=472117. Accessed on 14/10/13
U.S. Funds “Terror Studies” to Dissect and Neutralize Social Movements. Blackagendareport.com. Tue, 06/17/2014 – 23:19 — Glen Ford. Source: http://blackagendareport.com/content/us-funds-%E2%80%9Cterror-studies%E2%80%9D-dissect-and-neutralize-social-movements. Accessed on 6/7/14

I. H. Mshelgaru (PhD)


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