Buhari, How Much Technology Was Used In The Video Military Showed You To Justify Zaria Massacre?

It has been over three months ago, when President Muhammadu Buhari sent his murderous Army to kill over a thousand innocent citizens and bury in mass graves in Zaria, in what has since been known to be the “Zaria massacre.” A month later, while fielding questions from journalists in a media chat, he sought to blatantly justify the inglorious and cowardly actions of the army when he claimed he was shown a video clip, in which agitated youths “were beating the chest of a general.” Fact check later indicated that claim to be completely false. It was rather the Colonel (he wasn’t a General) who raised both arms to touch the chest of the bewildered youth.

Fast forward to three years later, now facing reelection campaign woes, in which Buhari is desperately trying to prove a non-existent war against corruption, has blatantly denied the video evidence that showed one of his right hand men caught in camera stacking dollars of bribe money into his pockets and the relatively incongruent docile reaction of the self-styled integrity President.

When Buhari was asked, again by a journalist to express his personal view on the video depicting Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State allegedly receiving bribes from a contractor, Buhari retorted; “I don’t know how much technology was used!”

This fraudulent regime had sought to sweep the facts under the carpet before the moderator, Kadriah Ahmed , cautioned the eloquent liar, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, to allow Buhari speak for himself. Osinbajo had interjected in an attempt to bail out his principal who was reluctant to answer the question .

As he fumbled in shame to explain, he said, “As I told you , I have seen the clip . don’t know how much technology was used. Can Ganduje fail to trust someone to take it to him Does he have to take it himself Smiling? I honestly am overwhelmed . The system has given me some relief ; it is in court . It is in the state assembly. So , let them as much as possible deal with it.

“This has received a lot of publicity and I hope by the time I visit Kano for my re -election campaign , there would be some answers from the courts and assembly in Kano State. ”

This shameful show has further exposed Buhari as someone who sees the evidence but ignores his intuition and swallows his emotions as he reasons away the the evidence and pretends all is well.

However, the mask is off as we see the ugly face of dishonest and fraudulent person previously covered by integrity mask.

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