“Buhari has fantastically failed” – Hausa Artist

The overwhelming verdict is that President Muhammadu Buhari has fantastically failed as an increasing number of people, including celebrities and artists, are beginning to openly and publicly express their utter disappointment at the incompetence that has characterized his rule.

One such spectacular song criticizing the “wicked” rule of Buhari is currently rocking the airwaves across parts of Nigeria, a thing that was unthinkable some years back.

A particular Hausa song hitting the airwaves has openly declared that “Baba has failed, he is unable to save Nigeria. Instead of saving the country, he has spoiled everything.” The very melodious song, referred to the President to be as “stubborn as a mule” who thinks he alone is right and everyone else is wrong.

A particular thing of note about this song is that it isn’t inspired by any of the opposition parties, and reflects how in barely four years, Buhari squandered his hitherto overwhelming goodwill.

The song went on, to cite examples of his stubbornness, when even the first lady pointed out that things must be done differently, he rebuked her that she was not a politician. However, the artists pointed out to Buhari that Nigeria of today isn’t like that of yesteryears and democracy isn’t military rule. They therefore said, “autocratic rule we won’t accept.”

According to the song, there are promises that are not kept. It urged the President to resign peacefully without being forced to, as that is the unified position of all Nigerians.

The song referred to Buhari as a catfish, perhaps because of the relative big size of its head, which often is symbolically used to connote arrogance, or because of the characteristics of catfish to rather sink than float, a reference to the way Buhari has sunk the economy rather than float it, or perhaps in relation to the powerful venom of catfish to imply how deaths have come to characterize his rule. For whatever reason was Buhari referred to as catfish, “May God forbid the reign of deception,” sang the artists.

Turning to the economy, the song said confusion has overtaken Buhari as he is clueless with the power he has. As a result, “life is difficult under Baba.” The song was interjected with chorus of ” Baba has failed!” It concluded with a prayer, “may we survive your wicked rule Baba.”

Listen to the song here:


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