Genocide Watch: A wahabi Supporter Of Elrufai Threatens Christians, Shi’ites In Kaduna

The International Criminal Court (ICC) must be interested in the ongoing gubernotorial campaign in Kaduna state that has degenerated into severe hate campaign against some religious minority groups, Christians and Shi’ites in the state.

In the last weekend of the campaign, the state governor, himself subject of ICC investigations for Shi’ites genocide and mass grave digger, and who in the course of his campaign had earlier threatened to send back foreign election observers in “body bags”, had his genocidal cause fuelled by a notorious Wahabi accomplice to the 2015 crime against humanity, Kabiru Gombe, who threatened the state minority religious groups during a campaign session at their mosque in Tudun Wada, Kaduna.

Kabiru Gombe’s divisive and exclusion style of preaching has been largely the template upon which Boko Haram terrorist group is based, and has been directly responsible for the brutal deaths of hundreds of citizens, including the Zaria genocide of 2015 and the ongoing official Shia-phobia in Kaduna in particular and the country in general.

He is often seen in company of leaders, whom he instigates to develop hate against and attack. He was severally seen in the company of both Buhari and Elrufai prior to and after that infamous Zaria genocide of 2015.

He openly cheered the genocide and in fact joined the victory party by the President in Mecca during the lesser pilgrimage. He was also spotted in company of both police and military Chiefs in Abuja each time moments before they attacked the Shi’ites.

So when he came to campaign for a major accomplice Elrufai, he didn’t disappoint. He went straight into his trade, threatening to exterminate both Christians and Shi’ites in the state, whom he accused of colluding not to support his principal.

Earlier, the governor, Elrufai, had threaded the path of controversy when he threw caution to the winds when he selected a Muslim lady to be his running mate in the polls, thereby severely shaking the fragile balance existing in the state. He followed that by what many considered an insult, when he said even if he had the Pope as a running mate, Christians in the state would not vote for him.

Elrufai has never hidden his disdain for Christians and Shi’ites, and thus for Kabiru Gombe to visit the state to campaign for him moments before the election and toe this genocidal line, is a call for a closer watch by the international community, and in particular The ICC.

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