Elrufai Pays Kabiru Gombe, Other Kaduna Wahabi Preachers For Their Diatribes, Divisive Campaigns

Governor Nasiru Elrufai of Kaduna state has paid the Wahabi Mullah who recently engaged in a very divisive campaign and hate speech against Christians and Shi’ites on behalf of the governor a whooping N2.5m for his diatribes.

Other Wahabi hate preachers got between N250,000 and N2.5m for their efforts.

In a secret memo emanating from the office of the Director of interfaith, Engr Muhammad Namadi Musa to the Kaduna State Secretary to the government authorizing the payment, the sums was said to be payment for securing favourable sermons in Jummat mosques on the eve of the gubernotorial election.

It listed the following as beneficiaries of the “logistics support” and the corresponding sum: Sheik Tukur Adam of AlManar mosque who got N500,000; Sheik Murtala Shanono of Malali mosque who was also given N500,000 and Sheik Aminu Kuwait of U/Rimi mosque, Sheik Saidu Abubakar of SMC mosque, Khamis Almisiri of Hayin Malam Bello and Sheik Albani Samaru of Zaria mosque who got N250,000 each. Those who got the Lion’s share were Sheik Bala Lau and Sheik Kabiru Gombe, who were given N2.5m each. They were further given additional N20m to disburse to other smaller preachers.

The memo dated 4th March further made it clear that the money is only meant for those who can preach towards their cause of retaining the seat of power in Kaduna state.

This is not the first time that governor Elrufai will be paying terrorists in the state to achieve his aims. He once disclosed that he paid foreign herdsmen who were attacking Southern Kaduna to stop their brutal attacks.

All these misuse of public funds to satisfy personal ambition however hasn’t stopped the brutal attacks by unknown armed gunmen and herdsmen in the state. Kaduna state has virtually become the kidnap capital of Northern Nigeria especially the deadly Kaduna-Abuja highway and the death cul-de-sac of Birnin Gwari highway.

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2 Thoughts to “Elrufai Pays Kabiru Gombe, Other Kaduna Wahabi Preachers For Their Diatribes, Divisive Campaigns”

  1. Shamsuddeen Musa Donga

    Am a Muslim that nicked me with Wahhabi, am opposed and against the directly interfere into the political campaigns made by some scholars like Sheikh Kabiru Gombe, Bala Lau, Sheikh Tukur Al-manar and others mentioned in the listed printed paper.

    But saying that governor El-Rufa’i had sponsored some foreigners to involved into terrorisms affected southern Kaduna people is a great lie by maybe his enemies.

    So we most be kindly take a very good care of what is coming out from my mouth.

    1. Thank you, Shamsudeen. We understand your concern. However, it was Elrufai himself who said in one of his interviews that he paid certain herdsmen, that he said were Malian mainly, who were found out to be responsible for the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna.
      You know, as it is often said in Hausa, baki shi ke yanka wuya. Elrufai appears not to know how to talk, and he often falls a victim of his own words.
      Once again, thank you.

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