Like Zaria Massacre, Like Christchurch Mosque Massacre, But Much Worse In The Former Case

New Zealand condemnable mosque shooting has been likened to the Zaria massacre in many respects and has been described as a sad reminder of Zaria massacre of December, 2015.

Both are said to have been based on hate for a people simply based on their faith.

However, the two massacres also differ in many respects.

The Zaria Massacre of 2015 was unquestionably worse than the Christchurch Mosque Massacre of 2019. Firstly, the former was state-executed while the later was carried out by an individual. Secondly, the Zaria massacre led to the death of over a thousand individuals while about 50 persons were killed in the Christchurch massacre. Additionally, the massacre in Zaria was jubilated by people who share similar sentiments as the killers against the victims, but in Christchurch massacre there were no jubilations even by people of same faith with the attacker or those who don’t share the same faith as the victims.

But perhaps one area where the difference is most marked is in the way the culprit is treated. The culprit in the Christchurch massacre is facing prosecution but there is no arrest vis-a-vis the perpetrators of the Zaria massacre.

With additional information from Barrister Sunusi Umar Sadiq.

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