Islamic Movement Marks 28th Annual Martyrs’ Day In Abuja

Activities to mark this year’s Annual Martyrs’ Day (Shuhada Day) of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have been announced by the Shuhada Foundation.

The epic event is scheduled to hold in Abuja on Monday the 1st April, 2019 equivalent to 25th Rajab, 1440 of the Islamic calendar.

This year will be the 28th successive time to be so marked by the Movement. A statement signed by Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello, the head of the Foundation, called on members of the Movement to come out end masse to peacefully honour their Martyrs as they have done down the years.

It is a day usually set aside by the Movement to honour all martyrs of the Movement since inception about four decades ago.

This year’s event is coming against a backdrop of an astronomical increase in the number of Martyrs since the last year’s event, especially with an increase last year of over 50 members of the Movement killed by the elite Brigade of Guards of the Nigerian Army under the direct command of the Presidency during the Annual Arbaeen Symbolic Trek.

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