Emir Sanusi’s Sudden Gush Of Fury And Vitriol Against Shi’ah As He Attempts To Pacify Ganduje, PMB

It appears that Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Emir of Kano derives pleasure in resorting to spraying vitriol on Shiah at the slightest opportunity. His most resent bitter criticism and malice against a section of Muslims in the country who are adherents of Shi’ah Islam became once more open when he was quoted as saying that this country was built upon Sunni Islam, and that remains the only officially acceptable Islam in his domain.

This wasn’t the first time he was pouring out his animosity towards Shiah in general and the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzkay and the Movement in particular. His well reported rants in the wake of the Zaria massacre of December, 2015 was a case in point.

The flamboyant Emir, popularly called SLS, was initially mislabeled a Shiite by his opponents at the initial stages of his tumultuous reign, and he appears to always try to distance himself from Shi’ah whenever he appears to be faced by potential revolt or challenges.

In December 2015, he similarly declared that this country was a Sunni one from inception and must not tolerate any other ideology. He then called on his district heads to take action.

Of course, there was no other place that got Shiites killed end masse besides Zaria and lately Abuja like in Kano, where the Emir reigns.
His other major role in the evil attempts at squashing the Islamic Movement in Nigeria first appeared when soon after the Zaria massacre some people assembled in his palace for a secret meeting to form “another Shi’a group” that would replace the Islamic Movement so as to lure those surviving members of the Movement into thinking it is Shiah that they are preaching. That was what gave birth to a dubious group called SHIMAN.

Again the true colour of his character was visible for all to see when he joined President Buhari and other Wahabi clerics soon after the Zaria genocide for “Victory Party” in Mecca in early 2016.

Only recently, a group sought to launder the image of the Emir when they tried to convene a conference in the name of the Islamic Movement with him as a major participant, until it was exposed.

The latest outpour of malice may not be unconnected with his attempts to show that his loyalty is a hundred percent with a fellow culprit of Shia massacre, Governor Umaru Ganduje, after fall out of the state gubernatorial rerun election put a huge question mark on his loyalty to the cause to impose the crook Governor for a second term. The Emir was perceived to have divided loyalty between the opposition candidate, who is the son-in-law of Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who dared the odds to impose him as the Emir when the former was the Governor then in Kano and the incumbent and fellow culprit.

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