President Buhari: The King Sadim Of Nigeria

Recent events and the response to them or in some instances, inaction of the President, Muhammadu Buhari have gradually made some of even his most diehard supporters to reconsider their estimation of their idol as probably a king with the Sadim Touch.

A story is told of an old King Sadim, who everything he touches turns to sh*t! Very much unlike Midas, who was granted the “Golden Touch” from the god Dionysus. King Sadim, was given the sh*tty touch. Everything he touched turned to sh*t. Bad for everybody around him.

Well Nigerian President, Buhari has a ‘touch’ of his own. It isn’t any different from that of King Sadim – the “Sadim Touch”. Everything he touches turns to… You get the picture.

Ever since he drank the blood of over a thousand innocent souls, things began to turn for the worse for the president. It never gets better.

Behold King Buhari – The President with the Sadim Touch

Very similar to King Sadim, who was a an old poor cobbler, but was enthroned the new king of Mygdonia unexpectedly and found himself move into the great palace which stood in the centre of the city, and he had everything! Buhari came in with a popularity rating almost never seen before since Abiola’s botched election.

While for a great majority, the election of February 2019 showed they have realised early that Buhari is the King Sadim of Nigeria, and thereby didn’t vote for him, for many this realization is coming after the election, a little too late.

First obvious case was the Kano rerun election, in which a corrupt ally of the President was finding it tough against the populist candidate of the opposition party. While Buhari claimed he was not going to interfere with the electoral process, he indeed appeared to have perfected the violent imposition of his preferred ally against popular desire with the posting of deputy inspector of police to override the security apparatus that allowed hired thugs to determine the outcome of the election in favour of his candidate. This became obvious as the tough police commissioner, who earned people’s confidence with his non nonsense stance and zero tolerance to crime and election malpractice was sidelined during the rerun.

Many hitherto Kano supporters of the President believed that he has shown them his true colour, betraying their trust in him and in fact, paying them with their lives!

The second and perhaps the last straw that threatens to break the camels back is the news that Buhari has swiftly condemned the alleged killing of one Kolade Johnson by SARS at a time he kept a blind eye and remained mute as several dozens of Zamfara citizens were being hacked to death and scores were being kidnapped across the North especially along the Abuja – Kaduna highway.

This has infuriated many people including some of his diehard supporters from across the country, who have come out to openly criticize his actions.


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