What Has DSS Done To Deserve Our Gratitude Or Commendation? Sheikh Zakzaky Queries

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, had only a few days before the heinous Zaria massacre, said DSS should be held responsible for any attacks should it occur. He was reacting to a “warning” purportedly given by the DSS of impending terror attacks in mosques and churches anywhere between Abuja and Kano” at the time, and the bomb that was subsequently detonated between Kano and Zaria killing scores of members of the Islamic Movement then.

It has become absolutely necessary to reflect on his words considering the continued unlawful detention of the Sheikh and his wife by the DSS since that speech and the futile attempts to suggest that the Sheikh is grateful to the DSS “for saving his life” or “for treating him well” or more recently, that we should “commend” the Buhari government for allowing specialist doctors to see him in custody.

These were what he said then:

At the moment, the DSS is acting as if it was the one that made the medical specialists’ visit possible and so did a “favour” worth commendation.

However, the question is, was it the DSS or the “authorities” that made the visit possible or it was the court? Is there any change of position from the authorities? Clearly no!

In fact the authorities through their lawyers opposed the application in court to let them in. However the court overruled them. There is nothing that has happened to suggest that there is any genuine change of position by the authorities. The events that surrounded this visit are pointers to the fact that nothing has changed.

What is obvious is that somewhere, someone wants to smuggle the idea that things have changed and the Sheikh and the Islamic Movement should be grateful. This same card was played earlier when we were told that the Sheikh had said from his detention center that he was grateful to DSS for “saving his life”. The Sheikh had however openly and vehemently denied it. He said: “what has the DSS done to deserve our gratitude and commendation?

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