“Why Successive Governments Have Been After My Freedom, Life” – Sheikh Zakzaky

Sheikh #Zakzaky was a guest on NTA One-on-One Live Program some years back, where he revealed why successive governments have been after his freedom and life.

The first class Economics graduate of Ahmadu Bello University had this to say when asked why successive government were after him:

“Each Government considers as dangerous someone who has some influence on the people unless of course they can use him to gain access to the same people. So, since I’m not ready to sell my ideas in their market, they felt I shouldn’t be there at all. The last regime even went further than that. They felt that I had no right to exist even! After arresting me, they opened fire on those who demonstrated to demand my release, killing a number of people, about fifty something in number in all. They also demolished my house, removed my family as if… Since I don’t subscribe to the ideas of the government, they feel that maybe I don’t have the right to even exist!”

He was referring to the Abacha brutality of the mid-90’s, which has long been dwarfed by the heinous Buhari crimes of genocide kick-started in December, 2015.

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