Saudi Regime vicious ploy for Quds World Day

This year, Quds international Day will be of special importance since U.S. is planning to officially announce the “Deal of the Century”, a deal mainly designed to complete the Zionists ominous project for pushing Palestinians out of their lands. This is a critical time, also, because U.S. is especially at work to heighten pressures on Iran, in a bid to hinder the development of the Islamic Republic government and nation. Over the past weeks, anti-Iran groups and war-advocates both inside and outside the White House have done the most to…

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[Video]: Anyone You Find Threatening To Kill Isn’t One Of Us – Sheikh Zakzaky

It has become expedient to make this clarification that anyone you see threatening to kill or carryout acts of terrorism is certainly not one of the followers of Shiism school of thought and most certainly not a member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. This clarification was made years ago by the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Sheikh Zakzaky said, “anybody that is called a Shiite, as long as he is what he is called, can never ever just go and kill anyone.” This is…

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