[Video]: Anyone You Find Threatening To Kill Isn’t One Of Us – Sheikh Zakzaky

It has become expedient to make this clarification that anyone you see threatening to kill or carryout acts of terrorism is certainly not one of the followers of Shiism school of thought and most certainly not a member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. This clarification was made years ago by the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, “anybody that is called a Shiite, as long as he is what he is called, can never ever just go and kill anyone.” This is because, as explained by the Sheikh, “even a legal death sentence can only be pronounced by a ‘Mujtaheed’ or a learned Jurist, called Ayatollah in Shi’i parlance,” and as Sheikh Zakzaky further disclosed, “as far as we know, there is no single Mujtaheed in the entire country.”

In other words, anyone you see threatening to carryout any terror attack that would result in wanton destruction of innocent lives can not be a member of the Islamic Movement or a true follower of the Sheikh. That explains why the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has never employed the use of ultimatum or the issuance of threats of violence in its entire four decades of existence to anyone, group or authority.

There have been recent media campaigns allegedly claiming that “ultimatum” was issued and threats of violence were issued. The security forces appear to be bent on carrying out series of attacks and subsequently attribute same to the Movement at the expiration of the alleged ultimatum so that they could achieve what they have so far failed to do, which is associate the peaceful campaigns to free Sheikh Zakzaky with violence in order to swing public opinion against the Movement and justify the December massacre and have a basis for further future attacks.

This two-faced machination of the enemy to pretend they are working to free our leader while in fact they mean evil is well known, but certainly there evil plots and schemes will be vain.

Watch Sheikh Zakzaky explain clearly here:

Therefore, we wish to once again reject any suggestion of threats of violence in our name. The Islamic Movement is not and will not be responsible for any breech of peace or violence that will result from any false-flag plots. Our timely rallies, processions and campaign activities will continue as at when due and in our ways without fear of intimidation.

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