Nigerian Muslims Send Clear Message To Netanyahu, “You aren’t welcome here”

This year’s International Quds day celebration, usually being marked globally on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, is coming on the heels of an invitation to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu to Nigeria by President Buhari.However, millions of Muslims in Nigeria turned out for this year’s International Quds day celebration in all parts of Nigeria denouncing the illegitimate state of Israel, burning its flag and the edifice of Netanyahu. It is a clear message that the Prime Minister is…

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Breaking: Police Violently Attack Quds Procession In Kaduna

The police in Kaduna have violently attacked this year’s Annual International Quds Procession by members of the Islamic Movement in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine. The procession had been peaceful before the disruption by the police and in spite of this extreme provocation, the procession was carried to its logical conclusion. Some photographs taken by our reporters during the event are given below: The President of the Media Forum of the Islamic Movement promptly issued a press statement, reproduced below: PRESS RELEASE Many feared injured, arrested as police…

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