One Shot In Kaduna Quds Procession Attains Martyrdom

One of the victims of the police shooting last Friday, 31st May during the International Quds day 2019 procession in Kaduna has attained martyrdom in the early hours of today. Shaheed Hussein was one of the several people injured following indiscriminate opening of fire by the police in their attempt to violently stop the peaceful protest, and before his demise, was nursing gunshot wounds he sustained in the bestial attack. He was the son of another martyr, who attained martyrdom in Zaria at the Gyellesu residence of Sheikh Zakzaky during…

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Video: Sheikh Zakzaky Throws A Challenge To Government

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky had thrown a challenge to the government saying, “Let’s come to the same level playing ground, where you talk, and allow us to talk; you write and you allow us to write as well. Then we present it to the public and allow them to freely make their choice.” He explained further that, “while we use sane ways and intellect preaching and writing, the government on the other hand uses insane methods such as insults, shootings, arrests and detention.”…

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