Video: Sheikh Zakzaky Throws A Challenge To Government

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky had thrown a challenge to the government saying, “Let’s come to the same level playing ground, where you talk, and allow us to talk; you write and you allow us to write as well. Then we present it to the public and allow them to freely make their choice.”

He explained further that, “while we use sane ways and intellect preaching and writing, the government on the other hand uses insane methods such as insults, shootings, arrests and detention.”

The Sheikh said that the government will never take up his challenge because they know they will never succeed.

Sheikh Zakzaky said the government had made a huge mistake by using their worst weapon, the gun, against us. As a result, they have lost the ability to frighten us because they have nothing else to frighten us with and we have overcome fear.

Listen to the challenge here:


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