Axis Of Evil: The Obnoxious Link Between Senator Ahmed Lawan, Elrufai, Ganduje, Sanusi And PMB (1)

These ignominious men all have one thing in common, and that is their various roles in the heinous Zaria genocide of December, 2015. By the time these series of write-ups are completed, perhaps Senator Ahmed Lawan would have been rewarded for his role in the genocide and both Ganduje and SLS would have been reconciled by Buhari at the instance of Elrufai. But how just do they relate? That will be clear by the time this piece is completed.

On December 12, 2015 the Nigerian Army launched an unprecedented series of coordinated vicious attacks on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its structures, institutions and leadership.

In less than 48 hours after, they had brutally killed more than a thousand members and hurriedly buried them in mass graves. Hundreds of others who survived with varying degrees of gunshot injuries and burns were arrested and detained, including the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife.

What the public doesn’t know is the roles played by certain individuals in this bestiality. And this is where this axis of evil comprising of the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, Governors Nasiru Ahmed Elrufai and Umaru Abdullahi Ganduje, the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and Senator Ahmed Lawan avoided public scrutiny on their mortifying roles in that genocide.

Key persons whose hands are soiled with blood could be seen here trying to reconcile between two of them. “We are one and in it together”, they seem to say.

President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB):

President Muhammadu Buhari’s role in it is not quite hidden. Besides signing the “agreement” with certain foreign powers to completely terminate the activities of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and kill its leader, he personally fully supervised the December 12th to 14th massacre, for which he was in Kaduna on those days.

His alibi was a bogus degree of honour that was bestowed on him by the Kaduna State University on that date. However, while at the convocation ground and thereafter, he received regular on the minute detailed information on how the operation was going on. He left Kaduna only after receiving assurances that the operation had succeeded and that Sheikh Zakzaky had been killed!

PMB: Mastermind behind all the evil plots against Islamic Movement

He then pretended that he knew next to nothing about the Zaria incident. He told all those who had contacted him as the operation was ongoing at the time that he had not being briefed. He told Barrister Femi Falana, SAN that he had not been briefed even days after, when the killings and destruction had continued. A popular politician in Nigeria, Hajia Naja’atu Muhammad referred to him as a fool, if as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces in Nigeria and a former military ruler, such magnitude of attacks against Nigerian citizens could be carried out by the Nigerian army, without the knowledge of the President and him not being briefed several weeks after.

A terse statement from the Presidency had however told a horrified nation that it was “a military affair.”PMB’s animosity for the Islamic Movement became clearer when, during his maiden media chat days after the Zaria genocide, he was asked to comment on the incident. His countenance immediately changed, and it was clear he held extreme hate for the Movement. He also claimed that he had not been briefed even at that point. He claimed that he was a “sitting duck” as he talked live to a nation, without any iota of empathy as the clearly shocked journalists tried hard to make him see the enormity of the situation to no avail.

Although he claimed to be uninformed and unaware of happenings, he nevertheless added fresh perspectives, which with the benefit of hindsight, clearly indicated his complicity. He alleged that the Iranian President had called him over the incident. He further alleged that the Movement had constituted what he called a “state within a state” and that they were not living peacefully with their neighbours. He claimed that he was shown a video clip where “agitated youths were beating the chest of a General.” It was clear he was trying his best to justify the massacre, even as the Journalists tried to show him that all these could still not justify the scale of the attacks. He refused to accept that the police could be allowed to investigate the matter. He said, there was no way he could tell the police to investigate the army. Eventually, he said it was a state affair and we should wait for the report of the Judicial Commission from Kaduna state.

PMB then switched to his usual “unaware, not briefed” mode in public, but continued to secretly plot and scheme how to finish off what they thought was meticulously plotted , but the execution of which was not perfectly achieved.

It was along this line that he embarked on a tour of certain Middle Eastern countries early in 2016, starting from Egypt. The purpose of visiting Egypt at the time was to understudy how the Egyptian rulers have been able to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood there. He then proceeded to Saudi Arabia, a country that has been serving as the link between and actively funded the massacre.

PMB was joined in Saudi Arabia by stalwarts who had openly supported the massacre in Zaria including the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II popularly known as SLS. (More on the role of this later character will come in due course). Saudi Arabia was visibly excited that what they had joined in plotting has started bearing fruits and they were sure PMB would finish the agenda. They opened the doors of the holy Ka’aba in Mecca to show appreciation. They pledged monetary support for the states that were foremost in the attacks against the Islamic Movement, and indeed any one that would follow in their footsteps.

Before PMB left Saudi Arabia, they had announced the formation of a joint military force, which they claimed was to fight terrorism. His next port of call was Qatar. It was there that he was emboldened to clearly state that he all along knew of the Zaria massacre, and that his government actually carried out the attacks, and he told a TV news channel the reason he ordered the attacks.

The President let the cat out of the bag himself when he thought he was in faraway Qatar in an interview with a satellite television channel Al-Arabiyyah on 1st March, 2016. The clip is available, and it showed a President who back at home claims ignorance now clearly stating that the Zaria massacre was to curtail the rapid growth of Shiism in Nigeria which he attributed to what he called “Iranian missionary activity” that they will not tolerate.

When he returned to Nigeria, he openly intensified his partisanship, on several occasions hosting those who were in the forefront of the continued attacks on the Islamic Movement.

Buhari had continued to work assiduously in the shadows while maintaining ignorance of what is going on. When a team of Northern elders met him to request that Sheikh Zakzaky be allowed to go for medical treatment, Buhari was reportedly said to have discourteously walked out on them, not minding their status. He was also reportedly said to have instructed the then Director General of the Department of State Security (DSS), Lawal Daura, to obstruct a prominent former military governor in one of the Northern states from entry into the Villa, because the former governor was trying to broker peace.

The peak of his complicity in the ongoing persecution of Sheikh Zakzaky and his Movement was when he used the Elite Presidential Guards to attack members of the Islamic Movement in Abuja last November over the course of three consecutive days, killing more than fifty of them. It was later proven by the New York Times, using video evidence that the attacks by the military was unprovoked, the members of the Movement had been peacefully conducting their procession prior to the military attacks and that most of the victims were caught from the back as they tried to take cover. Very importantly, New York Times had clearly showed eight incontrovertible facts of that bestiality, including that unconventional weapons not meant to be used on civilian population at peace times were used, and above all, it was the Brigade of Guards, who were directly under the command of the President that carried the attacks.

Last year in April, the Saudi Crown Prince made a surprise disclosure while on a visit to the United States exposing the fact that the attack in Zaria and subsequent persecution of the Islamic Movement is a proxy war by the Buhari government.
Prince Muhammad bin Salman clearly stated that a part of their achievements is that they had attacked the Nigerian Islamic Movement and incarcerated its leader, Sheikh Zakzaky. There has been a deafening silence from the Buhari government on this since this. What became apparent was that he went to the Kingdom again for alleged private visit as it was clear that the Sheikh was again granted leave by the court to be allowed to be assessed by foreign medical experts, and indeed these experts had after their expert assessments advised that the Sheikh and his wife be allowed to seek medical treatment outside the country. It was feared that if the court is allowed to have access to that report, perhaps it would rule in favour of the Sheikh and that would further expose the regime.

PMB has regularly frequented the Saudi Kingdom, and in one such occasion, there was reenactment of the ‘evil assembly’ of forces actively working to see to the total destruction of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Saudi Arabia, with both Buhari, Elrufai and Buratai (also recently rewarded with an undeserved extension of tenure, more to do with his roles in the Zaria massacre than for his performance in the fight to secure the territorial integrity of the country against Boko Haram, Armed bandits, Fulani Herdsmen or Kidnappers) allegedly performing Umrah rites in Saudi Arabia at the same time.

That they were there for their clandestine plots behind the scene became obvious when on return, there has been renewed brutal attacks on members of the Islamic Movement especially in Kaduna by both the police and the Army, killing one and injuring scores. Also, a dubious religious preaching bill was hurriedly passed and signed in Kaduna by governor Elrufai. And of course PMB has deceptively gone mute once again.

He however came alive again when he quickly intervened as two of the key culprits in the mass murder in Zaria had friction. The Chief Architect of the mass grave shuttled to intervene before they burst the bubble.

Two key culprits of the Zaria massacre reconciled by common goal of seeing to the complete destruction of the Islamic movement and its leadership

To be continued


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