BREAKING: Justice Garba Gets Reward For His Part In Zaria Genocide, Replaces Bulkachuwa At Presidential Election Petition Tribunal

There is no doubt that we are in the season of settlements of blind loyalties even against one’s calling and conscience, as the former Chairman of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI), Justice M.L. Garba, gets rewarded for his role in the charade he presided following the heinous Zaria genocide of December 2015.

He has been carefully chosen to replace the president of the Court of Appeal, Zainab Bulkachuwa, at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal.

When the Kaduna state government constituted the Judicial Commission consisting of persons known to be vehemently opposed to the Islamic Movement and what it stands for as well as those with clear vested interests, it was Justice Garba that was handpicked to preside the Kangaroo Commission. He typically delivered as required and much more.

Justice Garba presided over a Commission that made sure that our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky, did not get a hearing of any type before his Commission. He also decided not to order the security agencies to produce him because they never wanted him to testify. His Commission had all the powers of a Court of law but refused to use the powers.

Furthermore, although Justice Garba visited persons not directly involved in the crisis, he bluntly refused to visit the Kaduna Central prison, where over 70 of the detainees at the time were carrying gunshot wounds, and yet he claimed it wanted to determine the number of persons injured. He presided a Judicial Commission that did not find it convenient to ascertain the number of our members that died in prisons and police custody.

Justice Garba made far reaching recommendations purely based on hearsay evidence, and yet failed to make recommendations over glaring things before him. For instance, the government had confessed that it killed hundreds and hurriedly buried them in mass grave but there was no recommendation about the mass grave. Similarly, the Army in its submission submitted the names of its officers and men that carried out the massacre and yet the Justice Garba was either afraid or stuck to the pre-determined agenda given to him and shifted the burden to mere timid recommendation that “steps should immediately be taken to identify the members of the NA who participated in the killings”.

Garba also stated in his report that “the assumption that the IMN in Zaria was heavily armed was not verified,” yet he recommended that “members of the IMN should never be allowed to carry any unlicensed weapon under any guise.”

In fact, there were so many incongruent positions held by the Justice Garba-led Kangaroo Commission, which generously dotted the report in its entirety. Justice Garba portrayed a man who had sold his calling and conscience to satisfy an interest and return a guilty verdict against the Movement.

Such a person would be the type to be entrusted with an assignment in the election petition tribunal, where blind loyalty to fraudulent and evil people is what is desirous.

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