Axis Of Evil: The Obnoxious Link Between Senator Ahmed Lawan, Elrufai, Ganduje, Sanusi And PMB (2)

In continuation of the above-titled piece, we will focus on Senator Ahmed Lawan and the pivotal role he played in the Zaria genocide, and why the Buhari government deems it right to reward him with Senate Presidency.

His importance to the Buhari government is such that he has been anointed by the maximum tyrant himself, by the party hierarchy and above all, by the cabal. The fable about fighting against corruption by Buhari was even sacrificed when a corruption-laden rival was forgiven so he could withdraw his candidature to enable Senator Ahmed Lawan get rewarded for his role in the massacre.

Pay Time: Main culprits of the Zaria massacre, Buhari and Elrufai sign pact to reward one of them, Senator Ahmed Lawan with the Senate Presidency

So, what exactly did Senator Ahmed Lawan do to merit this near ocultic acceptance from Buhari?

Senator Ahmed Lawan

Senator Ahmed Lawan: The Mole in the Senate

You will recall that the Zaria massacre started in the midday of Saturday 12th December, 2015. The killing spree had continued well into the night until the evening of Sunday the 13th, by which time almost a thousand members of the Islamic Movement had been killed and burnt. Heaps of corpses littered everywhere in the Gyellesu neighborhood where the Sheikh’s residence stood as well as the Husseiniyyah Islamic center situated almost five kilometers away. There were also more heaps of corpses at the Darur Rahma cemetery and film village, situated some 10 kilometers away. This is in addition to the hundreds of other corpses that the military took to the mortuary of Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital in Shika and drove away the mortuary attendants and cordoned off the place. There were additional corpses numbering some hundreds again at the Military Depot in Zaria.

At the time these corpses mounted, Senator Ahmed Lawan was in Kaduna state government house, locked up in discussion with the governor and others. What where they discussing? The Secretary to Kaduna state government (SSG), Alhaji Balarabe Ahmed, told the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) that he was summoned to the government house in the early hours of Sunday the 13th, where he met the Governor discussing with some unnamed Senators on what to do with the rising number of corpses. Senator Ahmed Lawan was in attendance at that meeting that morning.

He was part and parcel of the decision to dump the corpses in a mass grave, preferably very far away and in the night, with a view to hiding and suppressing the exact number of their victims. That was how the SSG was instructed to quietly dispose the corpses at Mando, in the outskirts of Kaduna metropolis, about 100km away from Zaria at night.

Mando site of mass grave, where hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement killed by Nigerian army were hurriedly and secretly buried. Senator Ahmed Lawan had a hand in that.

Senator Lawan was the mole in the National Assembly that aborted any concrete action to be taken by the legislative body. The senate had met behind close doors on the wake of the massacre and decided to form a committee to investigate what had happened, to be chaired by Senator Lawan. He was reputed as saying that they were going to conduct their investigation in camera. “Public hearing will be better after our fact finding session,” he said.

Senator Ahmed Lawan led a team of Senators to visit the Kaduna state governor, Nasiru Ahmed Elrufai, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) I Div of the Nigerian army, the Director of Department of State Security (DSS), the Kaduna Police Commissioner. He didn’t find it proper to meet the leader of the Islamic Movement or any member of the Movement among the victims who were then nursing various degrees of gunshot injuries in detention. He neither visited families of victims who lost their dear ones nor offered any words of condolences.

Senator Lawan also chaired the only meeting of a select Senators that were in the investigative panel set up by the Senate with members of the Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee in Abuja. It turned out to be a subtle ploy by the Senator to know who and who else survived the massacre, so that it could be used in the future. Although the meeting had agreed it would be based on the Chatham House Principle, where whatever was discussed at that meeting should be left there without disclosing the source at least for that initial encounter since there remained a significant threat to lives of the members of the Movement at the time. But within hours of the meeting, he had disclosed even the names of the Movement’s representatives to the press and of course to the security agencies.

Those that attended that eventful meeting with the Senators informed Reflection-online that they were warned and told to be very cautious moments before the meeting by some serving Senators that they should be careful with some of the Senators in the panel, because “some of them are informants to the Security agencies.” Of course it turned out to be exactly so.

“The session we had wasn’t a conclusive hearing, because we still believe they have other issues that they believe we need to hear and we will give them that opportunity at a later time” he said. He never did. Perhaps, he had obtained all the information he needed to pass it to his paymasters at home and in Israel.

Afterwards, Senator Ahmed Lawan said, “most of the issues are very sensitive security issues and we believe we shouldn’t play to the gallery.” However, once he was able to extract all he wanted, he did nothing else. There was not even a report back to the Senate and the matter was never ever discussed on the floor of the Senate.

Senator Lawan is an embodiment of treachery and spy master in one.


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