Netanyahu Stayed Away From Nigeria’s Democracy Day celebration

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has wisened up and stayed away from Nigeria’s Democracy Day celebrations today in Abuja, the nation’s capital contrary to initial plans to grace the occasion.

Nigerian government had extended an invitation to Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to attend the Democracy Day celebrations on June 12, which according to Israeli ambassador to Nigeria, Israel would also want President Buhari to visit in return.

However, after this year’s International Quds Day celebration, massively marked in over sixty towns and villages in Nigeria, including an unprecedented turnout in Abuja for the event in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, as millions of Nigerians denounced the illegitimate state of Israel, burning its flag and the edifice of Netanyahu to send a clear message that they are with the oppressed Palestinians and that Netanyahu will not be welcome here.

In preparations for the Democracy day celebration, security agents in the nation’s capital, Abuja had muted and even attempted to make massive arrests of members of the Islamic Movement, whom they believe would cause the government some embarrassing moments with Free Zakzaky processions.

Netanyahu’s planned visit along with President Reuvin Rivlin after 61 years was clearly not feasible, after the Buhari administration had given them assurances that they had sufficiently dealt a fatal blow to those they consider the strongest in opposition to the oppressive Zionist regime and usurper power.

President Muhammadu Buhari had sent letter of invitation to his Zionist pay master, Benjamin Netanyahu of the illegitimate state of Israel to attend the Democracy day event moments after returning from Saudi Arabia, believed to have been acting as proxy link in the fight against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.


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