Members Of The IMN Again Take To The Streets Nationwide To Demand Freedom For Ailing Sheikh Zakzay

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria today took to the streets across the country for the umpteenth time to demand the immediate release of their leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, both of whom are reportedly very ill in detention.

The embattled Sheikh is feared to have been poisoned in detention as his health situation continues to deteriorate by the day without adequate medical intervention despite the recommendations by the foreign medical experts that checked him on the orders of a court that advised further medical care abroad.

The government of President Buhari has defiantly held on to the Sheikh and his wife despite the judgement of an Abuja Federal High Court that ordered for their release more than 30 months ago.

The Sheikh had suffered a mild stroke in detention about 18 months ago and now there appears to be increasing evidence that the Sheikh might have been poisoned in addition to the gunshot wounds he sustained way back in December 2015 when the Nigerian Army attacked his residence, killing over a thousand members of the Islamic Movement, including his 3 sons.

The wife, who was equally shot at pointblank range during the attacks then, has been confined to wheelchair as she suffers excruciating pains with a handful of shrapnel still dangerously lodged in her body.

The Free Zakzaky Campaign has intensified in the last few weeks with processions and street action being carried out in major towns and cities nationwide, after the authorities tried unsuccessfully to confine the campaign to a particular location.

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