Midnight Free Zakzaky Processions Across The Country As Reports Of News Of The Sheikh’s Deteriorating Health Situation Filter Out

Hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, this night trooped out in an emergency midnight Free Zakzaky procession on learning about the increasingly deteriorating health condition of the leader.

Sheikh Zakzaky has been in DSS detention since December 2015 after the Nigerian army attacked him in his residence, severely injuring him and killing over a thousand people with him including his three sons.

He never had adequate medical treatment since then, and he suffered a stroke in January last year. That didn’t prompt the Buhari government to obey a Federal High Court that ordered the release of the ailing Sheikh.

In January this year, a Kaduna High Court had ordered that he be allowed to be reviewed by foreign Medical experts. It was not to be until almost three months later when he was seen by the foreign doctors. Even then, the report that his condition is grave and that he should be allowed to be flown abroad for proper treatment is being taken lightly.

Current reports indicate that the Sheikh might have been poisoned while in detention and that his situation is now turning for the worse. This prompted this emergency midnight protests across all states of Northern Nigeria. More protests are expected the following days and weeks to come as long as President Buhari continues to hold on to the Sheikh.

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