“Beware Of Agents Who’ll Incite You To Attack Without Thinking Of Repercussions” – Sheikh Zakzaky To Members

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has sounded a word of caution to the members of the Movement to always be mindful of the machinations of enemies, whose main aim is to always portray them in bad light in such a way as to incite them into carrying out an attack without thinking of the repercussions. The Sheikh explained, “they think they can then finish the Movement off in that way.”

However, the Sheikh assured, “God’s ways are not their ways,” enjoining members to always use their senses, noting that “use of the senses always supersedes the use of brute force.”

The Sheikh noted that what differentiates humans from animals is simply the use of the faculties of sense, hence his call for them to rather always use the “weapon of sanity,” which he says always prevails.

That is why true members of the Movement will never succumb to calls for use of violence. Recently, there were certain anonymous messages on social media outlets suggesting that members of the Movement should use violence as a way of forcing the Buhari government to allow Sheikh Zakzaky access medical care, especially as the Sheikh appeared to have been poisoned in detention.

In a swift reaction however, the Islamic Movement issued a statement denouncing the calls for violence, insisting that the Sheikh has never ever called for violence in over 40 years of the Movement.

The statement noted that the threats to use violence are by enemies within, who are hell bent on painting the Movement black in order to finish them and to forestall the progress being made through peaceful legal, political and diplomatic pressure on the Buhari government to set the Sheikh free.

Have a look at the video clip here:

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