Police Open Fire On Free Zakzaky Protesters, Kill 2, Arrest Many

The Nigerian police today opened fire on peaceful Free Zakzaky protesters at the National Assembly complex, killing at least two members of the Islamic Movement and arresting many.

Protesters went to the National Assembly complex, as they have often done in the last one year, to demand the immediate release of their ailing incarcerated leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, who has been detained for close to three and a half years now.

News of the Sheikh’s deteriorating health condition has galvanized the Islamic Movement to intensify the call for his release by members of the Movement. However, the frequent street action had been largely peaceful despite the authority’s desperate attempts at labeling such protests violent in order to justify their atrocities of mass murder of innocent citizens and mass grave.

The Islamic Movement had issued several press statements that indicated that the government wants to infiltrate the ranks of members, inciting violence in order to label the Movement as terrorist. While dissociating itself from that, the Movement had emphasized the nonviolent nature of their struggle being led by the Sheikh. They equally said the Buhari government should be held responsible should anything happen along that line.

The police was quick to plant a poisonous news source that members of the Islamic Movement had opened fire on policemen and ensured that that news had quickly circulated.

An analysis of pictures obtained during this round of bestiality by the Nigerian police however showed that the members of the Movement weren’t armed at all during the protest, even as they picked their victims and licked their wounds. Their is equally no evidence of their being unruly in any way.

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