Point Of Correction: Sheikh Zakzaky Was Freed By Court; Not Granted Bail

Quite a number of people erroneously talk of Sheikh Zakzaky being granted bail. The reality however is that he was entirely set free by the judgement of Federal High Court, presided by Hon Justice GO Kolawole, declaring the detention of the Sheikh as unconstitutional and a breach of his fundamental rights, and therefore ordered for his release from custody and payment of compensation. This has been contemptuously been defied by the Buhari government with impunity. In the light of the above and the constant erroneous position taken to interpret the…

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The Injustice Against El-Zakzaky and the Shiites, By Abdulaziz Abdulaziz

The most painful thing for me is the culture of silence around this. Yes, Shiites are in the minority and the most unpopular of Muslim populations in northern Nigeria. But is that enough reason for them to be hunted down in this manner? Does anybody think this is okay and normal and nothing will hunt us down the road? Assume that on Saturday, December 12, 2015, the Shiites preparing for a programme at their centre in Zaria did indeed confront the military. Assume that they indeed blocked the road that…

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