Yesterday’s Peaceful End Of Free Zakzaky Protest A Big Testimony

Yesterday’s huge Free Zakzaky protest in Abuja by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a testimony that when the security agencies don’t interfere in any way, the protest ends without any adverse events contrary to what the authorities have been trying hard to portray to the public.

It will be recalled that last week Tuesday, both uniformed and plain clothed security agents infiltrated the Free Zakzaky protest at the National Assembly, overwhelming the Movement’s crowd control mechanisms causing mayhem, leading to the death of two members of the Movement and injuries to so many, including two security agents. Thereafter, the authorities went to press to smear the name of the Islamic Movement as violent.

However, yesterday’s protest and even past protests that no one even heard of since 2016 demanding for the freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky is evidently a testimony that the campaigns have been peaceful, so long as the security agencies don’t intervene.

The Islamic Movement had sometimes been exposing evil plots to turn protests and processions by the Movement violent so as to justify the mass murder of over a thousand people in Zaria and before.

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