Show Of Shame In Abuja As Police Unleash Their Fury In Abuja Free Zakzaky Protest

Abuja today yet again witnessed one of the worst cases of blatant trampling of the rights of citizens ever seen in the Federal Capital, when joint security forces consisting of both uniformed men and officers of the Nigerian Police Force and others in mufti, unleashed their fury on a Free Zakzaky protest by members of the Islamic Movement.

[Graphic images: Viewers discretion advised]

The procession, attended by several thousands of persons, including very young children, the aged, women and the physically challenged, met with an extreme rage indicative of deep seated animosity the Nigerian authorities bear for the Movement.

The procession started from NICON junction and moved peacefully all the way until it reached close to the Eagle Square in the heart of Abuja, where police had secretly hidden its men. Without warning, the police opened fire sporadically, killing and maiming many, including women and children.

As at the time of filing this report, it is not clear how many people were killed, as the police were seen evacuating the dead and loading them in police vans. Only eight corpses were retrieved by members of the Movement. So many others also sustained various degrees of injuries, some fatal.

Earlier, the police were spotted stacking old tyres around the place, with which they set bonfires around.

We shall update you as more information reach our desk.

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