Nigerian Police Devise Evil Schemes In Controlling Abuja Free Zakzaky Protests

The Nigerian Police have devised new strategies in ‘controlling’ #FreeZakzaky protests in Abuja and also try to sway public sympathies towards themselves against the Shiites.

By this new plot, they massively kill the protesters, evacuate the corpses and abduct surviving victims who are undergoing treatment even in hospitals. They next kill one of their own and set government properties ablaze for a smear campaign against the protesters.

They then follow all these with a massive media hype consisting of hundreds of lies to justify and cover up their actions.

However, analysis of images and video clips showed that the Free Zakzaky procession was peacefully progressing prior to the brutal crackdown. It also clearly showed that the protesters weren’t bearing arms and traffic was moving smoothly without hindrance.

The images also showed the police, armed to the teeth, intent in stopping the movement of the protesters. Few other policemen and plain cloth security agents were seen piling used tyres for use to set bonfires. By the time the police struck, about a dozen members of the Islamic Movement had been killed. The police were seen picking the corpses to an undisclosed location.

Also killed were a journalist with the Channels TV and their colleague, an assistant Commissioner of Police, whom photographs showed he was struck from the back of his head with the bullet exit in front, an indication that he was a victim of “friendly fire.”

As if to hide this fact, the late policemen was hurriedly buried without any form of postmortem examination, which would have revealed the source of the bullet.

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