Buhari Murdered My Five Sons, 3 Of Them Graduates – Distraught Father

A father who lost five sons during the Zaria genocide of December 2015 has said he still has a case with the President, Muhammadu Buhari, the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian army, who was the ultimate Commander on the night they were extrajudicially murdered. “We shall meet with you President Buhari in front of God Almighty where true justice shall ensue,” he said.

Three of the sons killed on the night were graduates. It could have been much worse for this distraught family, as he could have easily lost the sixth, an engineer, and the wife, an author and an educationist, as both were also shot that eventful night.

The wife barely survived after being sprayed by bullets by the rampaging soldiers while she tried to save a young girl, who was hit earlier and couldn’t move to safety on her own. “The wall of the fence of the compound I tried to take her to safety fell over me because of the bullets of these heartless soldiers,” she recounts.

The lucky survivor, still carries shrapnel in her body as doctors who operated on her to remove them had told her some of these metals are dangerously embedded near vital structures and any attempts at removing them could cost her life. As a result, she has to bear excruciating pains added to the psychological trauma she was made to face.

The distraught father laments that he was not opportune to even see the corpses of his sons, as they might have been part of those that were hurriedly buried in mass grave by the authorities as they sought to hide the heinous crime. His solace is that Buhari will face the ultimate judgement before God.

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