Terrorism In The World Today – By Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky

Being a contribution to a Seminar some years back So if we define terrorism as the use of violence in order to achieve a political objective, then we might say, for sure that the worst terrorists on earth today are the Government of the United States, and the Government of Israel which was established by terrorism, maintained by terrorism, surviving by terrorism and they are terrorists… Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa bara katuhu. Well I have no paper to present. I also wish I have been here earlier to…

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Use Force Against Us To Spread Our Message In Ways You Never Expect – Sheikh Zakzaky To Nigerian Authorities

Exactly a month before the now infamous heinous Zaria genocide of December 2015, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria had spoken about “victory from unexpected quarters” and how enemies of the Islamic Movement had been threatening to use force against the Movement. He said that enemies always think victory can only be obtained when one use “power and fire”, but he asked them to use their senses to see for themselves whether the teeming population of the Islamic Movement were gathered by “use of weapons or by waging…

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Flashback: Interview With The Eldest Of Sheikh Zakzaky’s Brothers (Translated)

In this flashback, we reproduce an interview held with Sheikh Abdulkadir Yaqoub Ali, the eldest of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky’s brothers, conducted by Haruna Shelleng and Aliyu Saleh of ALMIZAN Newspaper, held on Tuesday, 26/04/2016 (four months after the Zaria massacre) at his residence in Zaria. Sheikh Abdulkadir expressed his deep concern over the massacre by the army, which resulted in the extrajudicial killing of many people, including his seven children and one sibling. This interview, as transcribed by Aliyu Saleh and translated by our Editor, is being reproduced in view…

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