Use Force Against Us To Spread Our Message In Ways You Never Expect – Sheikh Zakzaky To Nigerian Authorities

Exactly a month before the now infamous heinous Zaria genocide of December 2015, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria had spoken about “victory from unexpected quarters” and how enemies of the Islamic Movement had been threatening to use force against the Movement.

He said that enemies always think victory can only be obtained when one use “power and fire”, but he asked them to use their senses to see for themselves whether the teeming population of the Islamic Movement were gathered by “use of weapons or by waging war or even by throwing insults.” The Sheikh said, “On the contrary, it was by use of the intellect and scholarship.”

Turning to the continuing threats against the Islamic Movement, the Sheikh said, “they are now threatening us with bloodshed.” But “death threats only strengths our resolve,” the Sheikh declared. “You can therefore go ahead and do your worst!”

He however, gave them an advice not to “make the mistake” of using force against the Movement because they will only be spreading the principles of the Islamic Movement.

“If we were to advice you, we will say don’t make the mistake of the use of force against us,” the Sheikh advised. “But if you make the mistake of using force against us, I give you tidings of worldly loses and punishment in the hereafter. You will only spread this in ways you never expect, and I swear to God, you will regret it!”

Watch the video clip below:

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