Norwegians Join In The Free Zakzaky Campaign In Oslo

Norwegians joined the #FreeZakzaky protest in #Oslo calling the Nigerian Authorities led by President Muhammadu Buhari to respect the rule Of law and immediately free Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky to go for medical treatment in Delhi, India as granted by the Kaduna High Court last week.

There appeared to be some inexplicable delays in the ailing Sheikh traveling for treatment and nobody seems to know why.

Earlier, the Kaduna state government had laid down conditions, which according to them would guide the permission to travel. However, these have been jettisoned both by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the legal team of the Sheikh, saying that the government lacks the capacity to lay such conditions not stated by the court.

As we await scaling the hurdles on the path of the Sheikh’s traveling, the free Zakzaky campaigns had continued abroad, and there are indications that they may resume within the country too unless the Sheikh is allowed to travel fast. The Islamic Movement had temporarily suspended street protest to allow negotiations and the court to proceed, which culminated in the granting of the permission to travel.



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