The Rantings Are Not Loud Enough

Having failed to find Sheikh Zakzaky to be a helpless lamb for slaughter in India, the Federal Government of Nigeria has resorted to campaign of calumny, character assassination through illogical allegations that can easily be seen by everyone as rantings aimed at demonizing the revered personality. Such allegations include request for his passport, which to them was an ulterior motive of wanting to run away and seek for assylum in India or any other country. Another absurd allegation was an unruly behavior by his refusal to be treated by the…

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BREAKING: I Have No Plan Seeking Asylum, FG Lied – Sheikh Zakzaky

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, has finally voiced out after the Federal Government on Friday raised the alarm over alleged plans to seek asylum. According to THEWATCH NEWS, Sheikh Zakzaky says that he has no plans seeking asylum, that all he cares about was his health and that of his wife. The Islamic leader added that the Nigerian government sent him to a bad hospital in India to kill him. The statement by the federal government is fake, I noticed that the Doctors were…

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