The Rantings Are Not Loud Enough

Having failed to find Sheikh Zakzaky to be a helpless lamb for slaughter in India, the Federal Government of Nigeria has resorted to campaign of calumny, character assassination through illogical allegations that can easily be seen by everyone as rantings aimed at demonizing the revered personality. Such allegations include request for his passport, which to them was an ulterior motive of wanting to run away and seek for assylum in India or any other country.

Another absurd allegation was an unruly behavior by his refusal to be treated by the Doctors of Mendata hospital in India.

In their desperation, they hurriedly announced to the world the repatriation of Sheikh Zakzaky, using the same points to justify their action.

In the first place, every sane person knows that the Sheikh’s concern, action and reaction were apt and germane. The rule of the game demands that a patient gives consent to a medical practioner before he conducts any procedure on him. Having observed that the rule of the game at Mendata hospital was changed, the Sheikh has the fundamental right as a human being and as a patient, to raise concern, act and react. To call this action as unruly, it is a rediculous absurdity.

Secondly, they alleged that the Sheikh requested for his passport. How could he ask for his passport alone? What about that of his wife? What of the passports of his other 3 aids?
The aim of this they alleged was to run away and to seek for an assylum. How could the Sheikh run and leave his wife in Dubai or India? How could he run to leave his aids? And fundamentally, how could Sheikh Zakzaky seek for assylum to leave the millions of souls he purified and uplifted spiritually?
Anyone that thinks Sheikh Zakzaky (H) would run away and leave his disciples at crossroads, his thought remains a figment of his own imagination.

Sheikh Zakzaky (H) has already built an acceptable reputation nationally and globally. He is credible by all standards. He is morally sound, mentally stable and ethically complete. He has a goal in life.

People have accepted his ideology. Very many people from within and outside the country have become his disciples. Only the gullible minds will be victims of your amusing antics.

Your rantings are not loud enough to demonize Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky (H)

Contributed by Dr. Sabiu Adamu


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