The Botched Attempt To Assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky In Foreign Land

When Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky obtained a favourable ruling in his application for medical leave to seek medical treatment for his numerous ailments in India, little did he realize that he had inadvertently fallen for a trap that was to lead to his attempted assassination.

Being a man of God, whose reliance on Allah is legendary, Allah didn’t fail him. At the thick of the heinous attacks on his residence, he had an opportunity to run away. He didn’t. His famous quote then was “only God can deliver me!” He did that time. He did it again now. Most certainly, Allah would always save Sheikh Zakzaky.

How was the assassination attempt fail this time? Everything was meticulously planned by all the relevant security agencies, including the Nigerian Military Intelligence (NMI). They had the “cooperation” of the foreign agencies. The only thing lacking was God, who has been on the side of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Soon after the court ruling granting the Sheikh medical leave to India, the government agents swung into action. The Kaduna state government said they would appeal the judgement. That was clearly an attempt at diverting attention from their real intentions. The Department of State Security (DSS) curiously said they would comply with the order. While preparations for the assassination continued, the Kaduna state government further sent another yet decoy message to completely divert people’s attention from their real intentions. It announced that they had put in place seven stringent conditions before the Sheikh would be allowed to travel to India. The stage was being set for the journey, when it eventually came, for the Sheikh and his supporters to feel that a great achievement had been achieved over the government. It also completely obscured the grand international plot to assassinate the Sheikh before during inflight travel or in the course of “treatment” in the Indian hospital.

First, there was a high-level plan to cause an inflight accident or disappearance. That was instantly foiled with the rejection of the provided aircraft. The Sheikh preferred instead to chatter his own aircraft. That was rejected by the government as it gives it little or no room for manoeuvre. The compromise was to use a commercial aircraft.

As that was playing out, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was plotting something in collaboration with the Israeli Mossad. They were putting enormous pressure on the Indian hospital not to accept the Sheikh. This was first broken by a Lebanese news site on their Twitter handle, @uunionnews the night before the Sheikh was to land in India.

As that was going on, the Nigerian government wired a message that Sheikh Zakzaky is a very dangerous terrorist, who is being brought into India for treatment. That frightened India. A further incentive to play along was given via a massive Saudi investments in India. The same Saudi Arabia that financed the Zaria genocide of 2015 that led to the shooting and arrest and detention of Sheikh Zakzaky were ready to do it again. To show the Indian government of Modi how serious they were and how urgent the work was, Saudi Arabia released the first trench of $75bn into Indian oil Company on the day the Sheikh was to land in the country.

That catalyzed India and they were ready to do anything for that sum of money, even to assassinate the Sheikh in such a way as to make it look as if he died as a consequence of the medical treatment. As soon as the Sheikh’s entourage arrived after a prolonged flight for very ill patients, they were received by a team of strange doctors and heavily armed security forces. Sheikh and his wife were hauled into ambulance while the others were conveyed in another vehicle to the “hospital.”

The authorities had told Sheikh that the heavy security was to protect him from the crowd that had gathered to catch a glimpse of him. They said that they would not like a situation where the crowd would want to touch him or mob him in the process. Do you remember the “protective custody” theory proffered by the Nigerian counterparts? It was something like that. The Indian authorities explained further that they had to divert people’s attention through the use of a decoy ambulance stationed at another airport gate and used another gate to leave the airport unnoticed.

Problems actually started when the Sheikh asked about the two doctors who had earlier assessed him in Kaduna, Nigeria, and who also had recommended the hospital. He was told that those would not be part of the medical team to attend to him. There were now new doctors who would do “everything afresh.” It was at that point that the Sheikh insisted on seeing the those doctors he knew, who were part of the team that attended to him back in Nigeria. He refused consent to be “attended” to until they were present.

Since they had had a prolonged flight with minimal sleep or food, and they had not even taken their baths, the Sheikh asked to be taken to the hotel where his escorts were taken to so he could freshen up while the doctors arrived. However, that request was turned down.

At that point, it became glaring to him that the sort of “treatment” they wanted to give him was a different one. He began to ponder, this hospital that could be persuaded by foreign powers not to accept him as patient and is now swapping doctors, could it be trusted? What guarantees were there that they may not have been persuaded to assassinate him in the name of treatment? His trust in that hospital fast eroded as the Indian authorities insisted on forcibly treating him. He declined. He said that, he would rather go back to Nigeria than allow himself to be killed in a foreign country in the name of treatment. As they insisted, he became even more convinced and resolute that he will never allow that to happen.

It was the reaction of the Nigerian government however, that convinced him that they had an ulterior motive. The government, through the ministry of information and culture, said the Sheikh was uncooperative and had asked to be taken to a five star hotel rather than the hospital ward. Suddenly, a Federal government that had maintained all along that it was not involved in the detention and persecution of Sheikh Zakzaky, started to churn out statement after statement, misinforming the public and blackmailing the Sheikh.

The Sheikh was not going to cooperate with them to give him the prepared “cocktail of death” they had reserved for him. Instead, he was requesting to go back to Nigeria. The Indian and Nigerian governments became frustrated that their evil scheme was not going to happen as planned. The Indian authorities threatened an already distraught Sheikh who was prepared to go back home that if he failed to submit himself for their “treatment” within two hours, they would request him to leave their country. A prepared Sheikh Zakzaky responded promptly that two hours were too long, he could even leave within two minutes!

The plot was not going to work as planned. Both the Indian and Nigerian governments kept on changing positions on the matter. The Nigerian government said they were apologizing to the Indian government over the “unruly behavior of Sheikh Zakzaky.” The next day, they came up with the wild allegation that Sheikh Zakzaky wanted to seek asylum in India! That he had requested to see some unknown lawyers.

To the Nigerian government, they forgot that it was Sheikh Zakzaky who opted to return home to Nigeria when he became dissatisfied with the “treatment” he was to receive in India. The speeches and body language of the Sheikh did not in any way suggest he was seeking any asylum. Even their Indian collaborators did not corroborate that he sought asylum in India. Besides, we saw someone who was very willing and eager to return home since what he went for was not forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the Indian government came up with some funny explanations of its own. They had to justify the huge Saudi investment for a “project” they could not execute. They therefore fabricated the most absurd of all allegations, that the Iranian government had completed plans, with even an aircraft on ground in Delhi ready to snatch Sheikh Zakzaky and take him to Iran.

Never mind that an aircraft could only fly over another country’s air space with permission. Did they provide such permission? Did they also give the aircraft landing and parking rights? Above all, we didn’t see any arrest made in relation to these gross violations of international laws.

By and large, the story of Sheikh Zakzaky’s medical leave was that of a botched assassination using medical treatment as a bait by international actors. It goes further to clarify the main actors the Nigerian government is collaborating with in the persecution of the Sheikh and his Islamic Movement.

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