Ghanaian Shi’ah Leader Berates Nigerian “Shi’ah Traitors” Opposed To Sheikh Zakzaky

The leader of the Ghanaian Shi’ah Community has severely criticized some who claim to be Shi’ites in Nigeria but are opposed to the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, saying that, “if the enemy is done with Sheikh El-Zakzaky, you will certainly be the next target.”

His Eminence, the National Imam of the Shia Muslim Community of the Republic of Ghana, Sheikh Abubakar Ahmad Kamaludeen, is a celebrated cleric and spiritual leader, who has taught many students in Ghana and beyond. Some of these students are currently serving and positively impacting on the development of their various countries within the West African sub region and beyond in different capacities.

Among them are leaders and representatives of the Nigerian Rasul A’azam Foundation (RAAF), a Kano-based Shi’ah organization in Nigeria such as Sheikh Bashir Awal,Sheikh Saleh Zaria and others now opposed to Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

Sheikh Kamaludeen while addressing Ghanaian Shiites on the occasion of this year’s Ghadeer procession at Markazu Imam Baqir in Nima, Accra, Ghana on Sunday, described Sheikh Zakzaky as a key figure in the advancement of Shiism in Nigeria and around the world.

He said, “Sheikh Zakzaky undoubtedly is a key Shiite leader who strives for the growth of Shi’ism worldwide. As a result of his activities, even non-Muslims understand Shi’ism.”

He then criticized some of his former students in Nigeria who have been antagonizing Sheikh Zakzaky and being hostile towards his Movement. He warned such Shi’ites that supporting the government in its unjust fight and persecution of Sheikh Zakzaky is indeed suicidal, because they will be the next main targets because the Wahabi-based government in Nigeria is fighting the rapid growth of Shi’ism. He therefore called for the importance of Shi’ite unity.

Translated by: Ibrahim yaa Zahara and Antaru Munkaila. Phone Number:


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