The Clueless Emperor And His Scalawags

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019 the nation online had a story captioned: “DSS: Sowore plotted to topple govt”. In part the story reads: “In furtherance to the plans to violently free Elzakzaky from lawful custody, the respondent held several meetings with a proscribed terrorists organization Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) where they strategized on how to carry out attacks to force the government to free Elzakzaky.” On the same day the Daily Trust had its own version captioned: “Abuja natives accuse IMN supporters of assault”. The opening paragraph of what can best be described as tales by the moonlight, reads: “Natives of Abuja have accused supporters of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, of rape and physical assault on defenseless women in local communities of the Federal Capital Territory.” Those charged with the herculean task of bringing an end to Islamic awareness within and around Nigeria are really at the peak of their desperation towards earning their pay. When Saddam could not deliver in subduing the Islamic Republic of Iran, we all knew how he was punished. None of the hunting dogs of the criminal enterprise of Zionism are ready for such a treatment. So their desperation to “deliver” is understandable.

To put things in their proper perspectives let’s take a walk down the memory lane; the recent past that the Draculas in our midst hope that we all forget. December 15, 2015 will ever remain a dark page in the history of Nigeria. It is a day in which, at least by the confession of Muhammad Bin Salman, the Saudi rogue prince, paid some scalawags within the security architecture of Nigeria for it to commit massacre against its people. The very citizens it is paid to protect. It is a day in which a strategic arm of the federal government that failed woefully to secure the territorial integrity of the nation turned its weapons on civilians. It is a day in which a government that wine and dine with ISIS and Al-Qaida affiliates in Nigeria cheered up some overzealous tools of coercion and brigandage while a bloodbath against the was going on. It is a day on which the façade and persona of integrity pull off to the chagrin of an inept and clueless pretender. It is a day that the open wound in the conscience of all humans will ever remain unhealed. It is day that lawlessness by supposed law enforcement agents was not just celebrated but praise to high heavens. It is a day on which about a thousand souls were murdered with many more wounded, missing and/or still in the King Kong’s gulag. All this happens for a reason of alleged denial of right of way to someone. Tukur Yusuf Burutai, the Chief of Army Staff of the Nigerian army, that is. An allegation that was later changed to attempt on same person’s life.

In a civilized world, this is ought to be a very simple issue. Surely Nigeria is a modern nation state that ought to be civilized. Unfortunately and for whatever reason those charged with the responsibility of managing its affairs are of the savagery folks of the barbarian species. So animalistic are they that the word civilization is alien to them and whatever they might be representing. If, for argument sake, we assume that road was blocked and there was attempt on the life of the Tukur Yusuf Burutai, the right thing to do constitutionally, was to make arrest and hand over the suspects to the police. The police will then launch an investigation with the aim of determining whether crime was committed and by whom. On the strength of the outcome of their investigation the suspects can then be charged to court. The judge will then listen to arguments and counter arguments from the public prosecutor as well as the accused. Based on the evidences and arguments presented before the court, the judge will rule in favour or against the accused. Where the judge finds the accused guilty, he will then be sentenced accordingly. That is not the end of the matter. The defendant will have the right to appeal against the judge’s ruling first, to a court of appeal all through to the Supreme Court. And for the Supreme Court to finally decides, several judges with a combined years of experience that span for over a century will review the previous proceedings before passing their judgment. It is only thereafter that the accused can be considered legally guilty. Where the punishment is capital, the state governor in which he is to be executed must append his signature. Yet, before doing so he is expected to seek the advice of some legal luminaries with impeccable records of sobriety and integrity. This is what it takes to snip life out of one person constitutionally. Yet during the Zaria massacre by the Nigerian armed forces of which Buhari is the commander in chief, none of these was followed.

While the pogrom was on Sheikh Zakzaky was reported to have been murdered together with his three sons and hundreds his followers. In a twist of fate, Sheikh Zakzaky “came back to life” days after. Thus, the “mission accomplished” became a “mission unaccomplished”. If Malam was truly guilty of any wrong doings his remaining alive would have been a golden opportunity for the emperor to have proven a point by charging Sheikh to court. That did not happen. At a point in time the government mouthpiece was reported to have said that they do not have anything against Malam. However, he is being held under protective custody. Whatever that means. When it became evidently clear that the agents of coercion have no intention of releasing Sheikh Zakzaky, having failed to nail him on any charge, Malam went to court seeking the enforcement of his fundamental rights to freedom of movement, association and expression. The legal tussle started and ended with the federal government beaten blue and silly. Malam was declared innocent. His continue detention by the federal government illegal. As such the court directed the federal government to pay damages to Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife. This, in addition to building for them a house as Malam’s residence was unjustifiably demolished before now. The federal government refused to comply. Yet according to the logic of these heartless cads it is Sheikh Zakzaky that does not have regard for the rules of the law.

For the period that Sheikh Zakzaky has been under illegal detention in the hands of the federal government with the Kaduna State under the governorship of Nasiru Elrufai in cahoot, Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers have persistently been protesting calling for the federal government to obey court order and release him from illegal custody. Most often the protest was attacked by the government’s security agencies in the course of which many were either killed, injured or arrested.

What else shall we expect from a government led by someone with unenviable records of kidnapping (remember Umaru Dikko’s London failed abduction saga). A felon that overthrew a democratically elected government of Alhaji Usman Shehu Shagari with the attendant consequence of brazen human rights abuses; then, the Dracula was so insatiably bloodthirsty that draconian decrees were back dated just to send some souls to their early graves; a Boko Haram appointee spoke person during the immediate past regime? Less we forget, the emperor is so low intellectually that we are yet to know the efficacy of his claim regarding his highest educational qualification which a secondary school certificate.
Nobody best describes this character but the chameleon in the emperor’s clan of the clowns that is desperately dying to be noticed against 2023. Here him: “…Muhammadu Buhari (72) is the only senior military officer that failed all senior military examinations in the history of Nigerian military. If you check the official names of officers the likes of…you see suffix, FSS, Psc, MNI…Muhammadu Buhari has none. He failed the Command and staff college exams and all other military examinations…” with such a character at the helm of the affairs of a nation with enormous potential to be great like Nigeria, little wonder why the nations progress hardly goes beyond social medial pages of his band of ideological prostitutes. The clueless emperor, being the sadist that he is thought that “might is right”. Typical of dan Dogari Adamou Mai-Agwagwa. Please take note of how I spelt Adam(o)u. It is on purpose for a reason. Huh! If and when you see a child stealthily yet fervently distancing his name with that of his farther by not having a surname it makes one wonder if the scandal goes beyond Cambridge-gate? Yours sincerely is simply thinking a loud. Nothing. Just sinking in thinking.
Now they know better. No power on earth can destroy an ideology. Yes, you can kill the messenger but not the message. The Holy Prophet of Islam is back to his lord, but the message he brought is still alive. Imam Hussain was trapped in the desert and mercilessly killed together with 72 of his supporters, yet Shia is still alive. Growing bigger and waxing stronger. Shah did all what he could to stop Imam Khomeini. He failed woefully. Saddam was contracted to contain the spread of the revolution out of Iran. He failed. Where the world arrogance failed, I do not see a semi illiterate succeeding. Events as they unfold go to show that might has failed.

Resistance has worn against brute force. Now the hunting dogs are switching over to slander, libel, baseless and unfounded allegations. In this game the followers of Sheikh are better equipped. The clan of the clowns do not stand a chance either.
If truly there are people molesting other citizens and if truly, we have a government with law enforcement agencies, the right thing to do is to make arrest and prosecute. You do not fight crime with libel and slender. You fight crime with the laws of the land. Any security breach by anybody stands condemned and the law enforcement agencies must do the needful to arrest the situation.

Searching for a scapegoat in Sowere or Sheikh Zakzaky or whoever has muster the courage to reject despots and despotism can never be the way out of the corner to which Mr. Clueless boxed himself to, consequent upon his ineptitude.

Until this incompetent emperor has control over people’s mind the concept of Islamic Movement remains unproscribeable. It is a share nonsense to even think of such a foolishness. With freedom of expression, association and movement enshrined in the constitution any move to the contrary by anybody remains an illegality that can only spirals from a shithole despot. You cannot fail to deliver on good governance and expect everybody to remain mute. The Nigeria of today is not that of 1984. Citizens are becoming wiser, daring and more emboldened. You cannot succeed where Saddam, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Bokassa, Mobuto and Shah failed. A word is enough to and for the wise. Even though this may sound more of a rocket science to a head that budgeted seventy-four million Naira (N74,000,000/$205,555) for it to be barbed. What a kwaskwas as we use to call it in those days.

Written by – Mahmood AbdurRahman

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