FGN Resorts To Propaganda: AGF Paid N2m To Each Select Journalist To Make IMN False News Hit Front-Page

The office of the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) assembled a select team of journalists from some major Nigerian print and online media houses and gave them two million Naira (N2m) each to ensure that the cooked up story about Iran’s alleged support for the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) hits the front-page of their respective dailies.

Our impeccable source, who was one of the beneficiaries told our correspondent on condition of anonymity, that the AGF was keen on pushing the story and giving it a preeminent place across the media space, in line with the principle that “the bigger the lie, the more it would be accepted.”

It would be recalled that the AGF had made some very wild and unsubstantiated allegations against the Islamic Movement and its leader in their counter affidavit in the case instituted at the Abuja Federal High Court 11, seeking the court to vacate the earlier exparte motion that declared the Islamic Movement in Nigeria a terror group and called on the Federal government to gazette its proscription.

A suit was instituted by Falana and Falana Chambers challenging the exparte motion and the declarations in its scope and entirety. As a reply, the AGF resorted to the absurd, the ridiculous and the blatant mix of ingenious falsehoods and untruths in its counter affidavit. Hence, they thought they should widely publicise these falsehoods to give it a semblance of veracity.

The most absurd of these wild allegations is that Iran was sponsoring or supporting the Islamic Movement and Sheikh Zakzaky to establish an Islamic government in Nigeria. What they didn’t state was at what stage they discovered that there is any support and why they didn’t severe and expose that link through which such support comes, if truly there was such support.

The Vice President with a Sponsored Shi’ah Cleric recently. The Federal government hasn’t told the public which country they sent him to learn the government version of Shi’ism they approve of.

Among the ridiculous was their submission that Sheikh Zakzaky travelled to Iran and learnt Shi’ah and came to spread it in Nigeria. Ironically, they claim they are not against Shi’ah practices and even went ahead to recommended some Shi’ah groups acceptable to the government, when clearly those same government-sponsored “Shi’ah” groups were equally sent to the same Iran to “learn Shi’ah” in an attempt to “break the monopoly of Shiism by Sheikh Zakzaky.” These government Shi’ah groups had been very active especially in recent months discerning what they will accept as Shi’ism and what they will not. These government Shi’ah groups were recently paid to feature on NTA live television program recently to declare that Islamic Movement is not Shi’ah.

The incongruence of the government position becomes even clearer when the statements of these groups and the governor of Kaduna state, Nasiru Ahmad Elrufai that IMN isn’t a Shi’ah group are taken and compared to the affidavit that now claims that Sheikh Zakzaky travelled to Iran to learn Shi’ah and spread it in Nigeria.

Another position that the AGF is trying to forcibly push against evidence and reasoning is that the IMN is a terror group. They have never ever proved that in court in the decades of trying. In all cases in various courts across the states of Nigeria, the members of the Islamic Movement had always been discharged and acquitted of all the malicious charges of terror acts the government falsely accused them of carrying out. It would be a world record to label IMN a terror group without a single case of terror attack.

Devoid of facts to nail the IMN, the office of the AGF is now resorting to spreading false propaganda in an attempt to deceive the public.

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