PhotoSpeaks: Sheikh Zakzaky’s Unparalleled Interfaith Relationship

Sheikh Zakzaky’s unparalleled interfaith relationship is one of the reasons he is being persecuted and paradoxically termed a “terrorist” by the government that feels uncomfortable with his unifying activities and are thus terrorizing him and his Movement.

As far back as the 90’s, he has demonstrated clearly his unequalled tolerant nature, from hosting Christian leaders and youths, to receiving Papal delegation from the Vatican, to providing refuge to Christians and other minority tribes in his residence during political and religious crises, to championing the ideals of the Christian-Muslim alternative to Conflict…

Have a look:

Sheikh Zakzaky addresses a group of Christian women on 3rd May, 2011 who came to thank him for saving their lives during the election violence of 2011 that was precipitated by a reckless statement by Muhammadu Buhari

Christian women prayed for Sheikh Zakzaky’s 3 sons brutally killed along with 30 of his other followers by the Nigerian army

A reverend father led a delegation of Christian faithfuls to pay condolence visit to bereaved Sheikh Zakzaky, whose three sons were killed by Nigerian army in 2014.

Christian women came to condole Sheikh Zakzaky in August 2014 over the brutal killing of his 3 sons and 30 of his other followers by the Nigerian army

Sheikh Zakzaky received in audience a delegation of the Pope from the Vatican some years ago.

Pastor Yohanna Buru (in suit and tie beside Sheikh Zakzaky) and others during one of the numerous courtesy visits by the Christian leader to Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria

A video clip of a Christian Youth leader commending Sheikh Zakzaky for his peaceful activities and his calls for National Unity as far back as 2010

Christians are in the forefront of the campaign to free Sheikh Zakzaky since the infamous heinous Zaria genocide by the Buhari government

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