Islamic Movt Commences Religious Rites Of Muharram Mourning Sessions Across The Country

Thousands of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria today commenced the religious rites of Muharram mourning sessions across different towns and villages in Nigeria to commemorate the killing of the grandson of the prophet (S), Imam Hussein (AS) on the plains of Karbala, Iraq some centuries ago.

Imam Hussein was trapped by forces loyal to the renegade tyrant, Yazid ibn Muawiya and brutally murdered with his family members and a handful companions in the scorching sun on the Karbala dessert, having been blocked from access to water for days.

This mourning sessions are conducted throughout the Shi’ah world and in some Sunnah places too across the world as a religious duty.

Imam Hussein (AS) is the third of the twelve rightly guided Imams and a direct grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S) through his daughter, Fatima (SA).

Shi’ites worldwide generally wear black clothes during this mourning period and mark the season with solemn reading and prayer sessions, mourning processions and sessions of lamentations. This variably goes on for a period ranging from ten days to about fifty days and climaxes with the Arbaeen trek.

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