Nigerian Shi’ites Massively Donate Blood To Save Others Before Police Shed It Needlessly

Shi’ite members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria trooped out to massively donate blood to hospitals across Nigerian cities and towns to save the lives of other Nigerians before the Nigerian police force unnecessarily shed theirs and cut short their own lives.

It was ironic as they donate blood even as the police threatens to spill theirs. They attempt to save the lives of Nigerians just as the police are determined to terminate their own.

Rather unfortunately, people are not talking against this ironic injustice. The government is labelling them terrorists, but it would be on record that Nigerian Shi’ites are then the only terrorists who donate their blood to save lives rather than take people’s lives through massive shedding of their blood.

Nigerian Shi’ites are then the only community labelled terrorists when indeed they are the victims of state terror.

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