September 12 To December 12: The Embers Of Tyranny 1

It was on a day like this in 1996, when perhaps the seed of brazen abuse of rights of Sheikh Zakzaky and other members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was again clearly demonstrated by the brutal might of state apparatus. On that day, in the early hours of the day, well armed is security forces, using the cover of darkness of early dawn, several trucks and armoured personnel Carriers had laid a siege of Sheikh Zakzaky’s house, then situated in Kwarbai quatres of Zaria city, just behind the Emir’s…

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Christian Leader, Celebrities Demand Release Of Sheikh Zakzaky

A prominent Christian leader in Kaduna joined some celebrities who recently demanded the immediate release of the leadwr of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, in a video message, citing the Sheikh’s peaceful credentials. Watch a clip from that video message:

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