Watch Ashura Procession Across The World: What Is Buhari Afraid Of?

Ashura mourning procession was carried out globally from Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia among others. We bring to you video clips of the procession from these Continents and there were no reported government sponsored killings of the Shi’ah mourners except in Nigeria, where scores were killed. But then, what is President Buhari afraid of? Why is he so averse to Shi’ah activities in Nigeria? Ashura in Japan Watch as Japanese trooped for Ashura Procession in Japan for Imam Hussain (as). Ashura in Madagascar Ashura processions were held across villages…

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Bauchi Gov Sends Condolences Over Killing Of Ashura Mourners, As 4 Martyrs Laid To Rest

The Bauchi state governor, Senator Bala Mohammed, has sent a delegation with his and his government’s condolences over the death of Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) in Bauchi and Azare, who were killed by the Nigerian police on Tuesday, 10th September during the solemn Ashura procession in the state. The procession was brutally disrupted men of the Bauchi Police command who fired live ammunition and canisters of teargas to disperse the procession attended by several hundreds of members of the Movement. This was disclosed by the head…

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