Ganduje In Yet Another Plot With Saudis, Visits Embassy

Ganduje’s recent suspicious visit to the Saudi embassy is raising so much questions as to what would have taken him there especially as he has all along acted as the link man between the clandestine Saudi authorities and the genocidal Buhari government in their diabolic dealings against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

Ganduje Links up with Saudi Embassy perhaps for more instructions on what next to do about the Islamic Movement

Gov Ganduje is one of the foremost stooges that killed hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Kano as part of the ongoing brutal attempt to exterminate Shi’a in Nigeria.
For his roles in the infamous Zaria genocide of December 2015 and its aftermath, which was bankrolled by the Saudi Arabian government, as confessed to by the Saudi Crown Prince, the Kano State governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umaru Ganduje was awarded a medal of honour in recognition by the Saudi authorities.

Ganduje receiving a medal from the Saudi authorities for his roles in the Zaria genocide last year

His visit therefore to the Saudi embassy is certainly of some significance since their initial evil scheme to assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky in the name of treatment in India was botched, which led to the untimely return of the Sheikh without receiving any treatment he went for, as granted by the court.

Since his return, Sheikh Zakzaky has remained incommunicado as the authorities tighten the screw of persecution against members of the Islamic Movement.

More members were killed last week as they conducted their religious obligations of Ashura Procession across the country when Nigerian police opened fire in at least seven towns, ultimately killing dozens and wounding many.

Two years ago, Ganduje and another kingpin in the evil plot against the Islamic Movement, the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II commissioned a Jumaat Mosque, constructed with the supervision of Saudi Consulate in Kano as part of the increasing close relationship between them.

Saudi Official along with Ganduje and Emir Sanusi, brought together by their common hatred for Shi’ah and the Islamic Movement

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