Kaduna High Court To Deliver Judgement Wednesday After 3 Years In Case Of Alleged Membership Of “Unlawful Society”

The Kaduna State High Court presided by Justice Nyoms has fixed tomorrow, Wednesday 11 October 2019 for delivering judgment in the case involving 9 people arrested exactly three years ago on their road to attend the Islamic Religious rite of Ashura mourning session in Kaduna and accused of being members of the Islamic Movement.

Six of these are still in Kaduna Prison, including Mal. Ahmad Abubakar, Mal. Mansur Ahmad Karofi, Mal. Hasan Muhammad, Mal. Bilal Abubakar, Mal. Abubakar Sale Mustapha and Mal. Usman Sale Mustapha. Three others, including two women, were granted bail because of various health concerns, and usually, report to the court for the case from their various homes.

They were rounded up and detained since 9 September 2016 while trekking around the Ahmadu Bello Stadium roundabout along Junction road, Kaduna to attend the religious rites of Ashura soon after Nasiru Elrufai declared the Islamic Movement as an unlawful society in the state.


This will be their 29th appearance in the court since they were charged.

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