Video: Chief Imam Of National Mosque Spills The Beans About Saudi-Aided Nigerian Govt War Against Shi’ites

The Chief Imam of the National mosque in Abuja, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Maqari has divulged, for the first time, that the Saudi Arabian government has a pact with the Nigerian counterpart being led by Muhammadu Buhari to wage a war against Shi’ah and Sufi Islam.

This is in agreement with a similar disclosure last year April, when the Saudi Crown Prince told the American Times magazine that they were responsible for the Nigerian government’s attack on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and the continued detention of its leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, as a way of “curtailing Iranian influence in Africa”.

Chief Imam Maqari said, “let me say this for the first time, not so long ago a top Saudi official visited Nigeria and I was one of a select few (less than 10 of us) chosen to meet him. He informed us that their mission in Nigeria is to scheme how to wage war against Shia Islam and followers of Sufism. I told him that this should not be our priority as the Muslim community in Nigeria is facing far more challenging threats but he was adamant insisting that their mission is the war against Shi’ah and Sufism and any other thing is not their problem!”

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