Buhari, Buratai, Elrufai Gather To Commemorate 4 Years Of Zaria Massacre

In what can be described as a marked show of defiance and impunity, the chief trio culprits behind the heinous crime of Zaria Massacre of December 2015, President Buhari, Governor Elrufai and Chief of Army Staff Buratai gathered in Kaduna to mark four years of their success in mass murder of over a thousand Nigerian citizens and mass grave burial. Elrufai even brazenly hailed the role specifically played by General Buratai in the extrajudicial killing at night of unarmed women, children and men in their residence, in what he called “the menace of Elzakzaky Movement,” something they couldn’t prove in any court of law in these four years of their executive lawlessness. Elrufai was given a huge applause  by the executioners as he mentioned the topic, in the vain hope that they would be able to escape justice.

It will be recalled that the Buhari -Buratai – Elrufai triangle of evil have never ever established or proven any crime against either the leader or any of the surviving members of the Islamic Movement in all the law suits they instituted against them, as they have always emerged victorious in all these four years. What is more, is that the government has continued to be contemptuous of their own courts of law, refusing to release Sheikh Zakzaky and going on with the wanton killing of more members of the Islamic Movement at will.

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